Thursday, June 2, 2016

Refreshing Drink Ideas for a Summer Wedding

In last week's blog, we discussed the various packages that are available for your rustic Knoxville wedding, as well as the food options that go along with some of them. Today, we are moving on to the beverage portion of your reception and sharing a few great ideas for refreshing summer drinks that you can serve to your Country Jewell guests. 

Most of the beverages below can be made without the alcohol added. A couple of them, like the Sangria and Mojito, may need a bit of tweaking to maintain the original flavor, but it is possible. If you decide to serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at your wedding, make sure that they are clearly marked for your guests, especially the younger ones.  


There are many variations on this fruity cocktail. Generally, it will consist of your favorite wine, red or white, plus some club soda, flavored brandy, and fruit juices. Cut up slices of fruit to add to the mix.   


This tequila classic is always a favorite at any gathering. It can be served over ice, but it's especially appealing at a summer wedding when served frozen. You can rent frozen drink machines that will take care of that for you. It's also easy to add your favorite summer flavors to the mix, like strawberry, melon, or peach.

Water, Tea, & Lemonade

These are summer wedding staples, and safe for every age to drink. You can jazz them up a bit by placing them in serving containers and infusing them with fresh fruits. Also, if you would like to turn them into cocktails, it's easy to add alcohol after they are poured. 


This fresh rum cocktail is perfect for a hot day. Mint muddled into white rum, sugar or simple syrup, sparkling water, and lime makes a delicious drink. You can even turn it into a wedding day "something blue" by adding blueberries, but any other fruit muddled with the mint will also flavor it wonderfully. 

Watermelon Punch

Take advantage of the entire fruit and use the rind as a punch bowl. Start by scooping out the insides and blending them with vodka, fresh lime juice, and club soda. Add mint and lime slices for additional flavor and garnish.

Keep it cold

On a particularly hot day, it can be difficult to keep the drinks cold. Instead of adding ice that will water them down, here are a few clever ideas to keep them both cool and tasty. 

  • Frozen fruit - A great alternative to ice cubes that can be eaten when the drink is gone. 
  • Drink cubes - Rather than freezing water to make ice, some beverages, like the watermelon punch above, can be frozen. These "drink cubes" won't change the beverage's flavor as they melt.
  • Popsicles - These fruity, frozen treats look and taste great when placed inside a glass of wine or champagne. 

The drinks served at our Knoxville wedding venue for your wedding are a great way to add a little extra something special for your guests. Use your favorite flavors, and if you are feeling creative, name a signature cocktail after the bride and groom. The drink color can match your wedding colors or even fit into your theme in a special way. When you get married at Country Jewell, there are many wonderful and unique ways to personalize your day and make it one that your guests will love. 

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