Thursday, June 23, 2016

7 Sentimental Ideas for Your Unity Ceremony

Unity ceremonies are a very special part of a wedding. This ceremony is symbolic of two lives coming together as one. Many couples keep their unity item to bless their home. It is a nice memento to display as a reminder of your wedding day. The best wedding venue in Knoxville is here to share some different unity ceremony ideas for your wedding.

1. Candle

A unity candle is one of the more traditional ceremony options. The bride and the groom each have a candle and in unison light one bigger candle. This is a very classy way to represent two lives joining.

2. Sand 

Another popular unity ceremony item is sand. This is great for an outdoor ceremony, where a candle may blow out. The couple each pours sand from their individual jars into a bigger jar or box. Usually the bride and groom have different colors and the mixing of these make for a beautiful combination.

3. Knot

This unity ceremony gives a literal spin on the term “tie the knot”. Both the bride and groom hold an end of the rope and tie or braid it together. This can give a nautical twist to any ceremony.

4. Plant

Many couples getting married outdoors will plant a tree together. Each can bring soil from the place they grew up to contribute. This is a very touching version of a unity ceremony that represents the two individuals, and where they came from, joining together to start their own journey.

5. Branding

Putting a rustic twist on the unity ceremony is very fitting for some couples. Taking a branding iron, heating it up together, and burning the image on to a piece of wood is great way to join two lives. Many times the iron is a symbol that is significant to the couple or an initial of their last name.

6. Wine

This is a great unity ceremony option for couples who bond over their love for wine. There are two small glasses; one with white wine and the other with red. The couple each takes theirs and pours it together in a bigger glass. At this point the couple will each take a turn drinking from the mixture, and toasting each other as they do so.

7. Handfasting

Binding of the hand is a more traditional way to perform a unity ceremony. The couple will join hands and the person performing the ceremony will then tie a cord around their hands. This is symbolic of the two joining together in their marriage to move forward in their lives together.

A unity ceremony is a great way to personalize a wedding ceremony. Couples will keep the item they used to unify, and display it in their homes as a reminder of their joyous wedding day. Country Jewel is here to help you decide which unity ceremony is best for you and yours. We want to help make your big day everything you dreamed of!

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