Saturday, June 18, 2016

8 Great Ways to Show Dad He's Special at Your Wedding

We talked about a few special ways to honor your mother last month around Mother's Day, and now it's time to talk about Daddy. The man walking you down the aisle at our Knoxville rustic wedding venue is one of the main V.I.P.s for the day, as he most likely has been for you whole life. Country Jewell has come up with a few ways for you to let this man know just how special he is during your wedding.  

First look... with Dad

Your future husband isn't the only man that will get emotional when he sees you all dressed up, ready to walk down the aisle. Have the photographer capture that special moment when your father first sees you on your wedding day. 

Something blue

Dad is the perfect person to get your something blue from. One of the best idea's that we have seen is cutting a heart from an old blue shirt of his, then having it sewn into the lining of your wedding dress. 

Something borrowed

Going with the same theme, take your something borrowed from your dad. Borrow a handkerchief to carry with your bouquet to catch any happy tears from the day. The groom could also borrow his dad's favorite watch to make sure he gets to the ceremony on time. 

Wear an item from his wedding

If either the father of the bride or the father of the groom still have the cufflinks from their own wedding day, this would be perfect for the groom to wear at the wedding. Make sure that you save the cufflinks worn by your groom for your future children to use at their wedding!

Surprise Dad

Pick out a gift that is sentimental to you and your father, and surprise him by having it waiting at his seat after he walks you down the aisle and hands you over to your new husband. The groom could also have something special waiting at his father's spot too. It's not just the moms that appreciate those gestures. 

Jazz up that first dance

When it's time for the father-daughter dance at the reception, surprise all of your guests by planning ahead and choreographing something unique with your father. If he's got a good sense of humor, this is a great place to show that off. 

Mark his reception seat

These are great ideas for all of the parents. Many couples have special signs made up to mark the chairs of the bride and groom. Have these done for your moms and dads too. Dad will be proud to take his place in a seat marked "Father of the Bride." Another wonderful way to mark a parents' place setting is by using a photo of the two of you from your childhood. 

For dads that can't be there

If your father has passed away before you are getting married, you can still find many ways to honor his memory. We have seen people place a photograph of the deceased parent at the seat where they would have been sitting. You can also get more personal, and hang his favorite ball cap that he never took off at his spot, or something similar that is a symbol of your memories of him. 

Dads are just about as excited as you on your wedding day. Any time a parent gets to see their child happy is an amazing moment for them. Father's Day is set aside on the calendar each year to honor Dad. Your wedding at Country Jewell is another excellent opportunity to remind him how special he has been, and always will be, in your life. 

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