Thursday, June 30, 2016

Flattering Reviews From Country Jewell Brides & Grooms

We can tell you all about how amazing we think our scenic Knoxville wedding venue is, but we realize that you may consider any bragging that we do to be a little biased. After all, we are extremely attached to this beautiful place. Sometimes it's a lot easier for brides and grooms to truly know what type of venue that Country Jewell is by hearing how other couples that were married here feel about us.

Customer reviews are a wonderful way to find out what a business is really like. If the reviews are consistently unpleasant, then you will want to look elsewhere. Fortunately for us, the couples that have chosen to get married in our rustic wedding venue near Knoxville have loved Country Jewell as much as we do. Here is what a few of them had to say about their experience with us.   

"Country Jewell was the perfect place for our wedding. Miss Claudia was so helpful. I would recommend this venue to anyone. Also Country Jewell is pet friendly. Thanks so much Claudia!"
-Lora, Wedding Wire review

"Let me start out by saying. Claudia and her team are the bomb. We didn't know really what we wanted. So we threw out silly suggestions. She was super excited about our silliness. We walked to the imperial march, our wedding party held light sabers, we had breakfast for dinner and karaoke... the most informal, formal event ever."
-Emily B, Facebook review

"Ms. Claudia is very accommodating to your wishes and allows you to plan your wedding as you want it. It is a beautiful place that is great for pictures. We were very pleased with everything and it was a perfect day!!!!!!"
-Marcia, Wedding Wire review

"Country Jewell is a beautiful place to have a wedding any time of the year!! There's space in doors in a beautiful country chapel or out under the gazebo in a picturesque country setting. The reception room is spacious and mere steps away. Awesome for anyone that doesn't want to waste time driving to a second venue for the reception!!"
-Celia P, Facebook review

"Me and my husband had a vow renewal wedding for our 20th anniversary. We had never had a wedding so we wanted to go all out. I chose Country Jewel because of the country setting and the fact that it took a lot of stress off of me. I paid one affordable price and they took care of the majority of things for me. All the things I normally would have had to set up myself were already done. I still had a choice in food, cake, and music. I did bring some things in my colors to add to decorations. Everything turned out absolutely wonderful. We had a great time and a lot of my guest's told me it was the funnest wedding they had ever attended."
-Donna, Wedding Wire review

"This is a great venue for a wedding or party!! It's not far off of the beaten path, but loaded with atmosphere that makes you feel that you're far from the city!! The Country Jewel lives up to it's name!"
-John R, Facebook review

"Claudia Jewell is a very down to earth person!Very easy to communicate with! The Country Jewell is Beautiful! If you are looking to have a small, outdoor, country wedding this is your place! We loved it!"
-Kelly H, Wedding Wire review

We love helping to make a bride and groom's wedding day as wonderful as possible, full of happy memories to cherish for a lifetime. If you were married at Country Jewell, we would love to hear about your experience. You can leave reviews for us on Facebook and Wedding Wire

If our charming country wedding venue near Knoxville sounds like the perfect place for your special day, give us a call at 865-494-0552. We would love to give you a personal tour and hear all about the wedding that you are envisioning. Country Jewell is the place that can make those romantic dreams come to life. 

A delightfully quaint Knoxville wedding
& event venue.

6550 Hickory Valley Road
Heiskell, TN 37754

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