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10 Excellent Ways to Exit Your Wedding

Everything that happens during your wedding at Country Jewell is important, but your exit is the perfect opportunity to leave your guests with one last "wow" factor. We have come up with a few unique ways that you can make an incredible impression with your exit from our Knoxville wedding venue

Rice was the traditional item to toss at the bride and groom as they exited the church. It was meant to be a symbol of showering the couple with abundance and fertility. There is a rumor that rice should not be thrown at weddings because if birds eat it, the rice will swell up in their stomach and kill them. Good news - this is NOT true. If you want to stick with tradition, you are perfectly safe doing so.

Still, there are so many other creative alternatives today that you can replace the rice with, you may want to try something new. Some of these ideas are perfect for your walk down the aisle after the ceremony, others are ideal for your reception exit, and a few work equally well for both. Make sure that you check with your venue to make sure they are okay with whatever option you choose.   


Big bits of colorful confetti look lovely raining down around the bride and groom. There are biodegradable options available so that the piles of confetti left after you leave are eco-friendly. Some couples have chosen to use candy sprinkles in place of paper confetti. Be very careful that you do not use any type of sprinkle that will stain your clothing. 

Flower Petals

Flower petals, like nature's confetti, raining down on the couple always makes for elegant photographs, and certain types of flowers like roses or sprigs of lavender, smell amazing in the air. 

Ribbon Wands

This is the perfect way to have lots of colors flying around in the air, but no mess on the ground for anyone to clean up. Long, colorful streamers of ribbon are fastened to the end of a stick. Some couples add small bells so there is a delicate ringing while the wands are being waved.


Thousands of beautiful bubbles delicately floating will almost make the couple look as if they are walking underwater, very dreamy. 

Country Jewell, Knoxville, wedding venue

Themed Items

If you love surprising people with wacky ideas, take a good look at your wedding theme or a favorite pastime you share for inspiration. If one of you is in the Air Force, have guests bombard you with paper airplanes. A summer ceremony near water might have guests toss small beach balls in the air as the couple passes. Are you sports fans? Ask everyone to wave colorful pom poms in your favorite team's colors. 


These next four ideas work best after the sun has set. Guests can line the aisle that you will be walking down, each holding a candle to light your way. This will result in some very soft and romantic photos.


This is a similar idea to the candles, but much flashier. Guests each light extra-long sparklers for the bride and groom to travel through. This needs to be timed perfectly so that you get all of the pictures that you need before the sparklers burn out. 

Glow Sticks

Bright lights with absolutely no fire involved. Let your guests dance the night away at the reception with vibrant glow sticks, then make a runway for you with those glow sticks flashing in the air.  

Sky Lanterns

If you have seen the Disney movie "Rapunzel," then you are sure to remember the scene when the sky is filled with flying paper sky lanterns. Many couples use these for weddings today. They make an unbelievably ethereal setting, but they need some instruction and teamwork to make them work correctly. If your venue allows these, make sure that your guests have detailed instructions on how light them and let them go.


Taking the focus off of what your guests will be tossing around you and bringing it over to how you will physically leave the wedding, let's talk about a few fun ideas for your exit transportation.

  • By Water: If you happen to be getting married near a body of water, wave good-bye to your friends from a row boat, canoe, or sailboat. 
  • By Air: Everyone at your wedding would definitely be impressed if you took off from your reception in a hot air balloon!
  • By Land: This is the most common scenario, especially from our Knoxville rustic wedding venue. Instead of leaving in your everyday car, rent a fancy classic car or a limousine. Ride off on a bicycle built for two, or reenact a fairy tale and use a horse-drawn carriage. 
Country Jewell, Knoxville, wedding venue,

Putting a little extra thought into the details can really make your wedding exit a memorable one. The natural setting at Country Jewell is a beautiful backdrop for most of the ideas above. Tell us what you have in mind, and we'll do what we can do make your ideas a reality. 

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