Wednesday, September 27, 2017

7 Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Want To Take Home

You don't have to give favors to the guests at your rustic wedding near Knoxville, but it's a nice way to thank them for coming. Wedding favors are also a great way to add a little fun to the celebration. You don't want to put time, effort, and money into favors that will be left on the table though, so Country Jewell has a few ideas for you that everyone should be excited to take home with them. 

One favor that is always a hit with wedding guests is anything edible. S'mores kits to take home can be fun for a fall wedding. Specialty donuts or muffins make a great favor that guests can enjoy the next morning, or as a late night snack. Condiments, such as hot sauces or honey, or packages of gum or mints are nice too, especially if you add a funny label or it ties in with your wedding theme somehow. And of course, everyone loves a bag that they are free to fill up at a well-stocked candy bar. 

Personalized Cups
Your guests are going to need something to drink out of at the reception. Let those cups double as a favor by ordering personalized plastic stadium cups that they can use again at home. You can also scour the thrift stores for an eclectic mix of cool glasses for your guests to use and take with them. In place of glasses, personalized koozies always seem to be a popular favor too.   

Let your guests take home a fun photo from the reception, printed out and ready to frame. With a little bit of tech savvy, you can fairly easily set up a photo spot connected to a printer so that you can make souvenir pictures in minutes. Polaroid cameras do the developing work for you. There are also many wedding vendors that offer a photobooth service where they take care of all of the setup and execution, and guests get a cute photo strip to take home. 

Every household is improved with a lovely scented candle. You should easily be able to find them in your wedding colors. If you purchase glass candles, a personalized wedding label can be printed on stickers and added. If you really want to get fancy, make your own and come up with a signature wedding scent! Maybe something similar to the flowers used at the wedding or a food that is being served at the reception. 

Potted plants can do double-duty as both a table decoration and a favor that your guests can take home with them. If you write their names on the pots, then they're doing triple-duty by also serving as a place card! You could even give away packets of seeds for your guests to plant at their own home, with a cute label stating how they can "Watch your love grow!" 

Hangover Kits
If you expect your wedding guests to do a lot of drinking at your reception, hangover kits as favors can be both funny and useful. Wrap water bottles with personalized wedding labels, then pair them with helpful items such as headache reliever, antacids, and maybe a pair of sunglasses. You should be able to find sample sizes of the medications at most grocery stores. 

Post Wedding Cocktails 
Let your wedding guests toast your marriage one more time the morning after the wedding with adorable Mimosa or Bloody Mary kits. For the Mimosas, use a pretty ribbon to tie together a single-serve bottle of champagne with a small container of orange juice, or bag the champagne up with an actual orange. The Bloody Mary kits can contain mini bottles of vodka tied together with small containers of Bloody Mary mix. Non-alcoholic versions can be made of these for younger guests and people that don't drink with just the juices, or maybe a sparkling water. 

Those are just a few of the clever ideas we've seen used for wedding favors at our scenic wedding venue near Knoxville that guests have really liked. There are tons more where those came from. Look to your wedding theme and favorite things for the inspiration for favors you can give away at your own Country Jewell wedding. Chances are, if you like it, your guests will too! 

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