Wednesday, September 20, 2017

5 Ideas We Love For Fall Weddings

Fall wedding season is upon us! We love each season for its own unique reasons, and today Country Jewell has listed 5 of our favorite autumn wedding ideas that we expect to see over the next couple of months. If you're just beginning to plan your wedding at our rustic wedding venue near Knoxville for next year, you may want to incorporate a few of these. Some are simple enough to even be added to weddings happening this year. 

Colorful Leaves
All of those gorgeous colors that appear in the trees, and eventually on the ground as the leaves fall, are a perfect natural color scheme for any fall wedding. You can use leaves in rich shades in lots of different ways. For example, the flower girl can carry a basket full of colorful leaves to sprinkle down the aisle instead of flower petals. Guests can even throw them instead of confetti or bird seed. That will make some amazing photographs with the leaves falling all around the two of you! 

They can easily be incorporated into centerpiece arrangements, and leaves of many colors make wonderful table runners. Your florist may even be able to creatively incorporate this natural decor into the gentleman's boutonnieres. 

Nothing says fall like pumpkins! You see them everywhere this time of year. Their natural orange color is beautiful on its own, or you can jazz them up by painting them a solid white or gold color to use for decoration. They make excellent decor placed on either side of the ceremony aisle, and you can even carve them out and use them to hold candles that glow romantically once the sun goes down. Mini pumpkins can be used to hold tealights on the reception tables, and they are also great escort cards that double as favors when you paint guest's names on them. 

These big, bright, beautiful blooms bring a cheery look to any bouquet or centerpiece. You could even wear one in your hair. Sunflowers look grand on their own, and we've also seen lots of them used together to make some impressive pomanders. 

If you'll be using a lot of sunflowers in your wedding decor, it would make perfect sense to give guests pretty bags of edible sunflower seeds for a wedding favor, or the type of seeds that they can plant at home and "watch your love grow."   

Apples are abundant in autumn, and they are a great addition to any buffet table. Apple pies will be well-received on a dessert table, especially if you pair each slice with a scoop of cinnamon ice cream. You could also set up a caramel apple making station, with melted caramel and chocolate, plus additional toppings to sprinkle on, like chopped nuts or small candies. An apple cider bar is a great idea too. Have hot apple cider available with tasty mix-ins for guests to add like whipped cream, cinnamon sticks, apple slices, and vanilla.   

The apple cider bar will help to keep your guests warm when the weather gets a bit chilly. Another way to offer everyone at your wedding some comfort form the cold is to have baskets of blankets, throws, or shawls available during the reception. For the bride, bring along a cute denim jacket or plaid shirt to put on over you wedding dress. This look makes for some extremely adorable fall wedding photos.

Those are just a few of the great things we've seen done at past celebrations at our scenic wedding venue in Tennessee. We are anxiously looking forward to seeing what this year's fall brides and grooms will bring to Country Jewell. 

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