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Great Wedding Gift Ideas For Your Future Spouse

There are a lot of people that you will want to thank for helping you plan and execute your wedding at our rustic wedding venue near Knoxville, like parents, bridesmaids, and groomsmen, for example. There is one very special person in particular that you will want to spend a little extra time figuring out the perfect gift for... your soon-to-be spouse! 

It should be sentimental, personal, and above all, reflect your personality and love for each other. Country Jewell has come up with a few ideas that might work for you. 

A Hand-Written Letter
In this day and age, putting pen to paper and writing a letter is a rare thing. It adds a personal touch that a text, email, or even a card simply cannot duplicate. Take a little time to write a special love note to your future spouse. Tell them all about why and how you fell in love with them, and share your hopes and dreams for your life together. If you enjoy the letter-writing, you might want to go the extra mile and write a few more letters to be saved and opened at important moments in your life; your first fight, when you buy your first home, the birth of your first child, etc...    

Jewelry is always a good gift that can last a lifetime. It's especially nice if it can be personalized or engraved with the wedding date, your names, and possibly a sweet saying. For the bride, she may already have her wedding day jewelry picked out, but you can find a special piece to be worn on future occasions, and maybe even passed down to your children one day. Pick something out containing her favorite stone, her birthstone, or the gem designated for the month you are getting married in. For the groom, a nice watch is something he can wear on a daily basis. Cufflinks are a good addition to a man's wardrobe too, especially if he will be wearing a suit on the wedding day that requires them.   

Surprise Deliveries
Instead of one big present, consider sending lots of little ones leading up to the ceremony. Start the day with cute little gestures, like a breakfast delivery of muffins and coffee, followed later by a beautiful plant for your new home (lasts much longer than a flower delivery,) a funny pair of socks to fend off "cold feet, then maybe later send a bottle of champagne and fancy glasses for them to share with their attendants. Think of little things that will brighten their day and put a smile on their face. Send occasional texts with sweet messages, or you could even make a video message for them to watch. End the string of surprises by having the maid of honor or best man deliver the final gift shortly before the walk down the aisle. 

Special Photos
Put together a scrapbook of all of the photos you've taken since you began dating, chronicling your relationship so far. You can even leave a page or two at the end for adding wedding photos. Another idea is to pick your favorite picture of the two of you and commission a local artist to turn it into a painting. Some women choose to have intimate boudoir photos taken for the groom's eyes only. Fellas, your bride might appreciate photos of you like that too.  

Future Dates
Your wedding is a promise to love, honor, and cherish each other for the rest of your lives. Give a wedding gift that symbolizes your promise of a wonderful future together by planning special outings for the coming year. Find one fun thing to do together at least once a month for the first year of your marriage, like concert tickets, sporting events, dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant, and other things that you enjoy doing as a couple. Pack these all together, and you could even include a calendar with all of the dates already penciled in. 

The gift that you give to your spouse on your wedding day at our scenic wedding venue near Knoxville doesn't have to be big and expensive. The important thing to keep in mind is that it has a special meaning to the two of you and is something that your future spouse will cherish. We hope that the ideas above help to get your creative juices flowing so that you can come up with the perfect idea for that very special person you love. If you see something that you would adore receiving yourself, by all means, please share our Country Jewell blog with our soon-to-be spouse!  

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