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Creative Alternatives For Your Wedding Guest Book

A wedding guest book is a nice way to keep a record of the people that were able to share your special day with you. Often, that book gets put away in a box of memories from your rustic wedding in Tennessee and rarely, if ever, gets looked through. There are lots of incredible guest book alternative ideas that use items you can put on display after the wedding to see and enjoy. Country Jewell has a few of those ideas for you in today's blog .

Quilt Squares
This can be done in a couple of different ways. You can put out a basket of square pieces of fabric for guests to sign with a fabric marker, and then after the wedding have those pieces turned into a quilt. The other option is to hang an already made quilt on the wall or set it out on a large table and let guests sign that. You can think of your wonderful friends every time you cuddle up as a couple under it! 

Puzzle Pieces
Turn a pretty picture of the two of you, possibly your engagement photo, into a giant puzzle. Most stores that develop photos can do this for you. Start with all of the pieces in a bowl or jar. After guests sign the back of a piece, they can lay it out on the table. As the night progresses and everyone signs in, you will eventually have your completed puzzle put together with their help. Use a puzzle glue to hold it all together after the wedding to display it, or keep it in pieces as a fun puzzle to put together when you're feeling nostalgic. If you're not a puzzle couple, we've also seen this done with Jenga pieces.   

A Bench
A wooden bench ties in nicely with a rustic wedding theme, and it is something that can be displayed in the entrance of your home, or possibly on the front porch. Let your guests pen their happy wishes for your future directly on the bench with permanent markers or paint pens, and then seal the signatures in with a clear stain. 

photo credit 
This takes a little creativity on your part to come up with something that matches your "couple personality." If you're big wine drinkers, you could have guests sign corks that you've collected and place them into a pretty jar or shadowbox. For couples that live near a river or stream, polished rocks that you've collected from the water can hold signatures. You could even set out a notepad for guests to write on with happy memories, wishes for your future, or even marriage advice. Have them deposit those into a container that you can open and read after the wedding, or possibly on your first anniversary. 

Photo Frames
There will be lots of gorgeous photographs taken at your wedding that you will want to display afterwards. Let your guests sign a a picture frame mat or collage that you can put your photos into later. It will look wonderful on the wall of your home for all to see. 

Wall Hangings 
You can even turn your guests' signatures into a piece of artwork to hang on the wall. A canvas print of a bare tree is perfect for a fall wedding. Guests can put colorful fingerprints on it to resemble autumn leaves and sign next to them. Another pretty option is to put your initials and wedding date on a plain wooden wall hanging and let guests sign that.    

This is a great way to get all of your friend's birthdays and anniversaries in your datebook without having to track them down yourself. Ask everyone to fill in important dates on the calendar. While you will only be able to display this calendar for a year, it's a great way to colllect this information for future knowledge. Another option would be to have them sign an address book. Then you've also got their address so that you can send them holiday cards or future invitations. 

That should be enough ideas to get your creative juices flowing. You might also find some inspiration from taking a tour of our scenic wedding venue near Knoxville. Witnessing the beauty of Country Jewell in person will put all kinds of unique and wonderful wedding ideas in your mind. Once you book your date, we can help you make those ideas a beautiful reality! 

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