Thursday, June 29, 2017

How To Pull Off The Perfect Wedding Sparkler Exit

Since the 4th of July is right around the corner, and fireworks are a big part of this patriotic holiday, it seemed like a great time to talk about wedding sparkler exits. They make for a beautiful and memorable exit from our rustic wedding venue near Knoxville, and the photographs are amazing.

There are a few things that you need to know to pull off a successful wedding sparkler exit at Country Jewell. It takes special sparklers, safety precautions, and pre-planning to get the look you are hoping for. The following guidelines will help to make that happen.

Don't buy short sparklers.
The tiny sparklers that come in a box at every 4th of July fireworks stand will not last long enough for you to run through before they burn out. You will need to find the longest ones possible so that your photographer has time to capture all of those incredible pictures. The best ones are around 36 inches long and will burn for about 3.5 minutes.  

Talk to the venue. 
You will need to request permission and talk over safety guidelines and rules with Country Jewell before you can plan for your sparkler exit. This can only be done in specific areas so that it is safe for you, your guests, and the venue itself.  

Coordinate the timing. 
Your photographer will give you instructions on the best way to run through the sparklers so that they can get the best pictures possible. You don't want to go through too fast, and they will probably have you stop in the middle of the aisle or at the end for an incredible kiss while the "sparks are flying." 

Keep guests informed. 
Make sure that you have a sign up or a listing in your wedding program letting guests know that there will be a sparkler exit at a specific time. This lets them know to stick around if they don't want to miss it. Also, have your DJ announce when it is time so that the guests that stayed for it know when to head outside.

Don't hand out sparklers early.
Wait until the guests are lining up for the big exit before handing out the sparklers. It is way too tempting for some people to light them before it's actually sparkler time if they have them in hand early. You will want to make sure that you have someone you trust in charge of this task.  

Give directions to guests.
The DJ, your wedding coordinator, or someone you've given the task to will need to give all of the guests a few guidelines before the sparklers are lit. Let them know how the lighting will happen, to give the couple, and each other, plenty of space, and where to dispose of the used sparklers when it's over. 

Have plenty of room.
Make sure that your guests make a wide enough path that you can make it through without getting hit by the sparklers. The guests should also be far enough apart from each other to safely wave the sparklers, but close enough together that it makes a solid wall of light. 

Lighting the sparklers.
Matches and small lighters won't get the job done in an efficient manner. Have a few long-reach lighters available and start lighting guests' sparklers at both ends of the line, and in the middle too if possible. Once a few are lit, guests should be able to light more off of each others sparklers. 

Don't leave kids unattended. 
Make sure that small children have the assistance of an adult if they will be holding a sparkler. You might even consider giving children glow sticks to wave instead of the sparklers. These are much less dangerous and the kids will still have them to play with after the lit sparklers burn out. 

Sparkler disposal.
One very important safety precaution that you need to make happen is having a place for guests to put the sparklers after it's all over. The best way to do this is to have a couple of metal buckets filled with sand or water at the end of the line that everyone can place their sparklers into on the way back into the reception hall. Do not throw them away in a plastic trash bag until they are completely cooled off.

A sparkler exit is always a wonderful grand finale to a reception at our rustic wedding barn near Knoxville. Just let us know that you are interested in doing this when you book Country Jewell, and we'll be happy to guide you through it. 

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