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10 Adorable Alternatives To Throwing Petals For Your Flower Girl

An absolutely adorable moment in any wedding is when the sweet flower girl makes her way down the aisle. We've seen a variety of people of varying ages take over that role at our scenic wedding venue near Knoxville, and occasionally, it's not even a girl! It's your wedding day, and you can choose anyone you like to sprinkle flower petals down your aisle. 

Of course, if you don't want to go with the traditional flower petals, that's also a choice you can make! Country Jewell has a list of 10 cute alternatives that any flower "person" would be happy to carry. 

Sprigs of Lavender
These are similar to flower petals, but just different enough to make your wedding unique. They look lovely, and as an added bonus, will give your wedding entrance a wonderful lavender scent. 

If you'll be going for a "love birds" type of wedding theme, feathers are a good alternative to flower petals. They are natural, perfect for a spring or summer wedding, and float to the ground gracefully. Be wary of a windy day, though, because they catch the wind easily.  

Another natural element that would look great sprinkled down the aisle is a handful of pretty leaves. It will tie in nicely with the scenic beauty of Country Jewell, and look especially stunning in the fall when the leaves have turned gorgeous shades of autumn colors. 

Pine Cones
We especially love this idea for a winter wedding. It brings in the smell of pine trees and thoughts of Christmas time. These would even look nice sprinkled in among a handful of fall leaves. 

Instead of putting things on the ground, fill the aisle's air with beauty! Give your flower girl a decorated bubble gun and let her "blow" them while she walks. 

Flower girls don't necessarily have to leave anything behind as they make their way down the aisle. Find an item that fits in with your theme somehow and let them carry it down the aisle as a prop. This can be a much easier option for younger children that don't quite understand the concept of evenly sprinkling something as they walk. 

This is a popular option. Children march down the ceremony aisle carrying signs, banners, or flags that let everyone know who is coming, usually in a very whimsical way. A few of the sayings we have seen are:

  • "Here comes the bride!" 
  • "Just wait until you see her!"
  • "Last chance to run!" 
  • "Happily ever after starts here!"
  • "Here comes the love of your life!"
  • "If you think I'm cute, wait 'til you see the bride!"

If you will host a playful wedding, balloons are a perfect decoration. It can be a bouquet of small ones or one giant balloon. This is a wonderful way to get a shy child to make their way down the aisle. If they concentrate on following the balloon tied to their wrist, they may be less likely to worry about the people watching them. 

Here's another idea full of fun and whimsy, and great for a spring or summer wedding. Large, colorful pinwheels will look gorgeous when they catch the breeze on the way down the aisle. 

A Magic Wand
Flower girls often resemble sweet little fairies, or pretty, pretty princesses. Why not give them an adorable magic wand to carry to complete the outfit? Little girls (and even many older ones) will love this, and if you tie lots of colorful ribbons cascading from it, it makes for a beautiful sight coming down the aisle.

An Umbrella
If your wedding is incorporating pretty parasols into the decor, the flower girl is the perfect person to pull off the look. It fits in nicely at a spring ceremony, playing off of the "April showers" idea, and these cute umbrellas are excellent for keeping summer sun at bay. 

The item that you decide to have your flower girl carry as she walks down the aisle is only a small part of the wedding, but it can be a beautiful and memorable one. Sometimes it's the smallest details that can really make your rustic wedding in Knoxville stand out. Country Jewell is an excellent backdrop for any wedding, no matter what the theme. Come on out and take a look for yourself. We know you will love it! 

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