Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Wonderful Ways To Use Decorative Signs At Your Wedding

There are probably a lot of things that you would like to let your wedding guests know when they arrive at our scenic wedding venue near Knoxville, but you don't want to have someone making lots of announcements throughout the day. A wonderful way to let everyone know what's going on all at once is by using decorative signs among your wedding decor. 

We've seen this done successfully in many creative ways at Country Jewell. Elegant writing on an old piece of wood is an excellent choice for a rustic wedding. You can also purchase pre-printed signs that can later be used to decorate your home. 

Chalkboards may be the most popular type of signage because you can create your own look, it's easier to change if necessary, and a chalkboard is reusable after the wedding. Regardless of the style you choose, here are a few different ways that you can incorporate signs on your special day. 

Welcome Guests
A big, beautiful sign at the ceremony entrance, and even at the reception door, is a nice way to welcome everyone to your wedding. It can be a simple "Welcome to our wedding!" or a bit more detailed. You can put the program or timeline of the day's events here instead of printing one for every guest on paper. 

Give Instructions
You can assign someone to let guests know where the different parts of your wedding will take place at Country Jewell, give them directions to the restroom, and answer other questions that may arise. Having directional signs is a great way to avoid some of those questions. Another place where an instructional sign can come in handy is if you have a unique guest book or a candy bar that you want everyone to help themselves to. 

Set A Mood
There are lots of pretty  signs to be found that simply have romantic sayings or sweet words on them that lend to the ambiance of your wedding. They put lovely thoughts in everyone's minds, and those signs can make great home decor once the wedding day is over.   

Label Things
Having a menu sign at the beginning of the buffet line lets everyone know what foods are coming up, but putting a small sign next to each dish helps them to recognize what each food is. This is especially helpful if you are serving an unfamiliar dish or a special family recipe that you want to acknowledge. You may also want to label the different items on your dessert bar or the different flavors of cake if you are serving more than one. 

As you can see, signs placed strategically around your wedding can be very helpful, and with the wide variety of types and styles, they can add to your decor beautifully. If you need a few more ideas, has many excellent ones that have been shared by other brides, and even a few by people who are willing to make them for you. is also filled with gorgeous, handmade signs. 

You can even get some inspiration from the decor that you will see when you take a tour of our rustic wedding venue near Knoxville. We have decorated Country Jewell in a way that is welcoming to everyone that walks through our doors and will look beautiful for your wedding. 

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