Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Keep Your Wedding Party Cool At An Outdoor Wedding

Lots of our summer wedding tips give advice on how to keep your guests cool at your scenic outdoor wedding near Knoxville, but what about the wedding party? They won't be able to use handheld fans while they are standing at the alter with you, and it's particularly important that everyone looks fresh and cool for all of those wedding photos that will be taken. Country Jewell has a few tips to keep you and your wedding party from looking like you're melting!

For the Ladies
It can be difficult on a hot summer day to keep your makeup and hair looking fresh after the beautician is done with you. If you'll be taking a lot of photos before the ceremony, you'll be getting ready early in the morning and that look needs to last. 

Powder based or oil-free makeup is going to require a lot less maintenance than a liquid-based one. An even better solution is to have a professional airbrush your makeup on. This process gives you a finished look that is water-proof, defending against both sweat and happy tears. For touch-ups throughout the day, have face blotters on hand. These are highly absorbent pieces of paper that can absorb oil and sweat without taking off all of your makeup.  

When it comes to your hair, the easiest way to stay cool outdoors is to choose an up-do. You can ask your hairdresser to create a style that can be let down once you're indoors for the reception if you've always dreamed of wearing it down and flowing with your bridal gown. You'll get two fabulous looks for one special day.  

For the Fellas
The worst thing that you can do to a groom and his groomsmen is to put them in a full suit at an outdoor wedding. Try to find light fabrics in light colors for the guys to wear so that the heat doesn't get the best of them. If you want a few formal photos, the jacket can be reserved for the ceremony and pictures, but take it off in between to cool down. An informal wedding gives the men a little more freedom in what they can wear, or skip wearing. A nice shirt can replace the suit jacket altogether, or a vest can be a cooler option. 

If the fellas are worried about sweating too much and it showing, you can find underarm shields to put under a shirt which absorbs the excess moisture. These generally stick with an adhesive strip to the shirt material, but be careful that they don't come lose and slip out of place. 

For Everyone
The following tips work equally well for the guys and the girls. Make sure that you replenish your fluids and take a short, cooling break right before walking down the aisle and in between the ceremony and reception, and have the following things handy: 

  • Have LOTS of water on hand at all times.
  • Stick to the shady spots. If you want more shade than nature provides, possibly put up a small canopy tent, or have some cute umbrellas to carry. These can make for some adorable photos!  
  • Keep plenty of backup deodorant in your "get-ready" kit. Make sure it's the kind that will not leave any residue on your clothing. 
  • Don't forget the sunscreen! The sun can cause more problems than just heat. Keep your skin protected. 

Outdoor weddings are gorgeous, and even on the hottest days, there are ways to keep everyone cool enough that they still have a great time. The key is to plan ahead and be ready for anything. Outdoor ceremonies at our scenic wedding venue near Knoxville take place nearby the indoor reception barn, so you won't have to be out in the sun for extended periods of time. Country Jewell weddings are beautiful, comfortable, convenient, and memorable for everyone in attendance, especially the bride and groom! 

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