Friday, June 2, 2017

6 Save-the-Date & Wedding Invitation Tips

While planning a wedding, you will have a long list of things to do before the big day. Top priority, you may want to find a wedding venue in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. You'll also want to send out your save-the-dates, if you will be sending any, and then eventually, your wedding invitations. Country Jewell has listed 7 tips that will help you get those save-the-dates and wedding invitations out to all of your guests.

1. Set your budget.
This step simply can't be missed. Knowing and sticking to your budget is crucial when planning a wedding near Knoxville. Invites will utilize about 2 to 3 percent of your budget. This can be a small price to pay for a significant part of getting your guests to one of the most important days of your life! Don't forget to figure postage into that budget too.

2. Define your wedding theme.

Your invitations will give your guests a first glimpse into what your wedding will be like. This gives you the opportunity to introduce your theme, if you have one, or just your general wedding style.

3. Give your guests plenty of time.
Guests aren't going to complain if they have extra time to plan, but they definitely will if there isn't enough time to make room for your wedding on their calendar. Save-the-dates typically go out 3 to 4 months before the wedding, 6 months prior if it's a destination wedding or taking place around a holiday. Invitations should be mailed 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding day. You'll want to give yourself plenty of time to collect RSVPs.

4. Make your RSVP process clear.
This step can make planning your wedding much easier. There are different things you can do to make this happen. Be clear on how your guests can RSVP. There are many ways to go about it.

  • OnlineYou may try online RSVPs. There are many different websites you can find online that will actually calculate your RSVPs for you electronically.
  • Text - Some couples may want to simply list their cell phone number and have guests text whether or not they are coming.
  • Facebook - You can also create a Facebook event and Facebook will calculate your RSVP numbers for you. Remember to set the event to "private" so that only your invited wedding guests have access to it.
  • Mail - If you expect RSVPs by mail, you should include a stamed, self-addressed envelope for it in the invitation. Discreetly number each RSVP so you know who it is from in case they forget to include their name. (This happens more often than you'd expect!)
  • Phone - Allow your guests to call in their RSVPs, just clearly define the hours they are allowed to call you. You don't want guests phoning at 2 in the morning! 

5. Be innovative.

Don't be afraid to try something new with your save-the-dates and invitations. Couples can use anything from geometric inserts to glow in the dark fonts! This day is about the two of you. Put your own personal style into it and let your guests know how unique you can be.

6. Titles are important.
Be aware of what your guests' titles are. For example, if you have a guest who's a married woman, be sure to put Mrs. versus Ms. If you have a doctor in the family, then make sure Dr. is in front of their name. People will appreciate that you took the time to address their title versus just listing their name.

If you've chosen our scenic wedding venue near Knoxville for your special day, the tips above will help to make sure that all of your guests get the chance to join you here. Getting those save-the-dates and invitations in the mail is an exciting thing, because it means you are one step closer to marrying your true love right here at Country Jewell

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