Thursday, October 12, 2017

7 Unique Ideas To Add A Personal Touch To Your Wedding Ceremony

Every wedding is as unique as the people that are tying the knot. Even when it follows tradition "by the book," you can still fit in a small detail or two that puts your own personal touch on your celebration at our scenic wedding venue near Knoxville. If you happen to be the type of Country Jewell couple that wants to steer away from tradition, then you may want to incorporate every idea we have for you in today's blog. Pick and choose what you like, then make it your own!

Give Everyone Flowers
Your wedding party doesn't have to be the only ones wearing flowers on the big day. Have the florist make boutonnieres and floral clips for all of your guests, and you can even let them serve as escort cards if you attach names and table numbers. This could be an affordable option if you are hosting a small wedding. If you're a DIY bride (or groom,) make them yourself from silk flowers. Then everyone at the wedding has something special to dress up with. 

Skip the Flowers
If you aren't particularly "flower people," get creative and substitute something else that you do like. A bouquet made of brooches won't wilt after the wedding, and your bridesmaids could carry dressy clutches, lanterns, parasols, dreamcatchers, or other items that work well with the wedding theme. As for the fellas, get ideas for the groom's favorite things and use items like fancy fishing lures, golf tees, action figures, or anything that fits his personality in place of blooms for the boutonnieres. 

Pre-Ceremony Slideshow
Lots of couples put time and effort into making a slideshow full of photos from their lives before the wedding day, but often at the reception, guests are too preoccupied with reception activities and visiting with each other to really pay attention to it. Instead, play the slideshow before the ceremony while everyone is seated and waiting for everything to begin. You can still run it on a loop at the reception later too. 

Get a Friend Ordained
One sure way to personalize a ceremony to fit the two of you perfectly is to have a close mutual friend or beloved family member that knows you both very well perform the ceremony. It's quick and easy to get ordained online, and that person is sure to have some great stories to share, plus you'll be a lot more at ease with someone special to you both bringing you together as man and wife.  

Crowd Participation
Rather than having someone come up front and read your favorite passage about love and marriage, print it in the program and let your guests recite it out loud together. There are also some wonderful unity ceremonies that involve all of your guests, like a Ring Warming Ceremony where everyone touches and blesses the wedding rings, or a Reverse Unity Candle Ceremony that has the couple light a single candle together, then use that flame to light candles held by everyone else until "love is glowing" all around . 

Be Your Own Ushers
A great way to get the receiving line moving and get back to the altar for pictures after the ceremony is to be your own ushers. After you've made your walk down the aisle as the new Mr. & Mrs., release guests row by row starting at the back. They can congratulate and hug you as they pass, and by the time you get to the front row, you're back at the altar for photos and the guests are well on their way to the reception. 

Dance To Your Reception
If you take all of your wedding photos before the ceremony, you can head straight to the reception along with your guests. Choose a fun, upbeat song to dance back down the aisle to, and have your guests follow you "conga line style" on to the reception site. Either use live musicians that can follow you or have someone in charge of carrying a wireless speaker. 

Those are just a few ways that you can add something new and fun to your celebration at our rustic wedding venue near Knoxville. Talk over some different possibilities with your fiance, and once you get the conversation started, you're sure to come up with some great ideas that are perfect for the two of you at your Country Jewell wedding. It's your special day, have fun with it and make it all your own! 

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