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7 Ideas For Hosting A Fun Family Reunion

August is Family Fun Month, so our next few blogs will focus on celebrations including family. If you'll be hosting a family reunion near Knoxville in the near future, Country Jewell has the perfect place to host it, and today's blog has a few great ideas on how to keep everyone entertained while they are there. 

Map It Out
If your family has spread out over the years and all live in different areas of the state, the country, or even the world, it can be fun to see exactly where everyone is coming from. Have a large map at the reunion entrance so that everyone can mark where they now live on it for all to see. This can be set up along with a name tag table, because if your family members don't get to see each other often, wearing name tags is an easy way to avoid the embarrassing question of "Who are you?" 

Play Games
Ice-breaker games are great for getting the party going, especially if your group doesn't get together often. These will help everyone get comfortable and be more relaxed with each other. For competitive groups, plan a few relay races and host a family olympics. The games don't have to be overly organized. Your family may prefer to have a few board games and lawn games set out to play at their leisure throughout the day. 

Family Favorites
If there is an activity that always happens when your family gets together or a similar interest that you each seem to share, a family reunion is the perfect time to showcase that. Musical families can bring instruments along and "jam" together, and possibly even teach the younger kids some old classics. If you prefer something crafty, maybe everyone could work on their own quilt square and then spend some time sewing it together. 

Many families have recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation. These definitely should be on the menu for the reunion dinner. You can also gather them into cookbooks to share with everyone, and increase the contents be asking each person to bring a new favorite recipe to add to the list. 

Tell Stories
When different generations come together, there is always something new to learn from each of them. Let the elders tell a few stories from their day, then have the younger family members chime in with a similar story from their modern-day lives. You could even turn the storytelling into a game and let everyone try to guess which family member the story being told is about.

Start a Time Capsule
Family reunions should be a regular occurrence. If not yearly, then maybe every 3-5 years. You can encourage this by having everyone bring something special with them to add to a time capsule. Then, make plans to open it back up at the next reunion and see how much everyone's tastes have changed. Don't forget to throw a group photo in their before sealing it up.   

Divide & Conquer
A multi-generational celebration means there are a lot of different age levels to keep entertained. Set up different areas of our rustic event venue near Knoxville to host age-appropriate activities. Young children need an area to run around and let off that youthful energy. Craft tables are nice too, and you can plan crafts for different ages. Teenagers may enjoy an area with a gaming system set up to challenge each other. Grown-ups may prefer a quieter area where they can talk and catch up with one another. Just plan to end the celebration by bringing all ages together for one last activity.  

Take LOTS of Photos
This is a lot easier to do nowadays since nearly everyone has a camera on their cell phone, and most people are never far from that phone. Technology makes it very easy to share these photos with each other too. Set up a photobooth-type area with props where everyone can get a little goofy for pics. Take lots of candid shots too, because it may be a while before you get all these people together again, but great photos will remind you how much fun you had and that you should do it again soon! And of course, don't forget to make the time for one big group picture while everyone is there.  

While you're at it, pull out photos from past reunions and display them at this celebration. After all, a big part of reunions is the chance to take a walk down memory lane together. Here's another thing that you can turn into a game. See if everyone can guess who is who in the old photos. 

Host a Country Jewell Family Reunion
Our scenic event venue near Knoxville is an excellent place to host your next family reunion. There is plenty of room, both indoors and out, for up to 100 guests to spread out and have some fun. You can make use of the beautifully landscaped outdoor areas, and the event barn has two levels, plus the following items for your group to use: 

  • 20 folding tables
  • 100 folding chairs
  • A warming/serving kitchen with:
    • a refrigerator
    • oven
    • microwave 

Country Jewell in Heiskell is available for all of your special celebrations. Our event venue can be rented for parties in 4-hour increments Monday-Thursday, and in 4 or 6-hour blocks Friday-Sunday and on holidays. Give us a call at 865-494-0552 to see if your desired date is available, then set up a time to stop by and see the place for yourself. It's the perfect spot for a happy and memorable family reunion!  

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