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Sweet Ways To Welcome New Family Members At Your Wedding

We started our family-themed blogs for August in honor of Family Fun Month last week with 7 Ideas For Hosting A Fun Family Reunion. This week, we are turning our focus back to weddings at Country Jewell with ideas on how to welcome the family members you are gaining due to your new marriage. Whether it be in-laws, children from previous marriages, or a bunch of distant cousins, everyone will feel like one big family on your special day. 

When you get married, you not only gain a spouse, but also new parents, grandparents, and siblings. There are a few things that you can do before and during your wedding to show them that you are excited to add their family to yours.  

  • Gifts - Find a special memento that says something like, "Thank you for raising the wonderful man/woman that I fell in love with!" Let them know you appreciate not only the person they raised, but them too. 
  • Toasts - The same thing can be said in a toast directed at your new in-laws. Take a moment during the reception to publicly tell them you are thrilled to be a part of their family.
  • Planning - You can make your future spouse's family feel like a part of the wedding by letting them assist you with some of the planning details. Even the smallest assistance or using one of their suggestions can make them feel like a part of "team wedding." 
  • Unity Ceremony - There are unity ceremonies that incorporate both sides of the family instead of just the bride and groom. One example is the wine ceremony. Each set of parents brings up a carafe of wine, one white and one red. These are blended together by being poured into a single glass that the bride and groom drink from. This symbolizes the blending of the two families.  

If one or both of you already has children from before the marriage, you will want to let them know that they are an important part of this union too. We've got a few ideas on how to make them feel like a special part of your wedding day. 

  • Announcements - Let the kid(s) make the wedding announcement by featuring them on the Save-The-Date holding a sign saying something like, "My mom is getting married!
  • Processional - They can walk as a part of the processional and stand up front as bridesmaids or groomsmen. You could also let them walk mom or dad down the aisle. This especially works well if the children are already adults.  
  • Vows - If the kids involved are not adults yet, it can be important to let them know that your new spouse promises to be there for all of you. Special vows specifically written to them can assure them that they are a big part of this new, blended family.  
  • Keepsakes - Newly married couples exchange rings, so a personalized keepsake, like a ring, necklace, or watch for children involved is a nice way to physically symbolize what vows state in words. 
  • Dance - After your first dance as husband and wife, invite the kids onto the dance floor and have a fun family dance. 
  • Unity Ceremony - Sand ceremonies are perfect for couples that are bringing children into the mix. Everyone involved can have their own color of sand so that their portion of the vase or frame is clearly visible. 

One & All
What about all of the extended family that you'll be gaining, as well as the new friends that your spouse is bringing with them? These ideas allow everyone to feel like a special part of your big day.

  • Seating - This is where that now popular sign "Pick a seat, not a side" comes into play. Gone are the days of separating the bride's friends and family from the groom's at the ceremony. Instead, remind everyone that you are all in this together and all are welcome.  
  • Traditions - Incorporating family traditions or customs into the celebration will honor that side of the family, plus introduce the other side to those things that are now a part of your life too. It can be done with decorations, music, or possibly the food being served. 
  • Photos - Set up an area to showcase your guests' wedding photos, both friends and family. They don't even have to be wedding photos. Instead, show off pictures from happy times that you have spent with the people you have invited to your wedding. 
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The wedding day is all about the bride and groom saying "I do" and pledging their lives to one another. There are a lot of people that helped you get to this point, and giving them a little bit of special attention can be a wonderful gesture. These are just a few ideas of things you can plan to do when you get married at our scenic wedding venue near Knoxville. There is a comfortable, family feel to Country Jewell which will make you and your guests feel welcome and at home while you are here. 

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