Thursday, August 24, 2017

Wedding Day Jobs To Give To Family Members

Following up our blog from last week, Wedding Planning Jobs To Give To Family Members," which listed a few ideas on ways to let family members help before the big day, this blog has jobs that they can assist with on the actual wedding day. Having extra hands around to tackle different tasks at your rustic wedding near Knoxville will allow you to spend less time working and worrying and more time enjoying this special moment in your life.   

Making sure that out-of-town guests have a ride from the airport or from their hotel to the wedding venue is a nice gesture. They won't have to spend money to find a ride, plus having a family member pick them up is a great personal touch. This is also a good service to offer for elderly guests that no longer drive. 

Ceremony Readings or Music
There are many lovely readings that can be used during your wedding ceremony, and this is the perfect place to let someone in your family that wants to be included in the celebration as more than just a guest have a job. If you have a relative that is musically talented, let them perform a song either before the ceremony begins or during it.  

Guest Book 
Most guests know what to do when they see a guest book at a wedding, but having a guest book attendant helps to make sure that everyone knows where it is at and that you don't miss getting any guests to sign in. Lots of couples choose to use a unique, alternative guest book, like a large poster or home decor item, instead of an actual book with pages to write in. In this case, it's wise to have someone standing by that can let everyone know where and how to sign in. 

Gathering Family for Photos
This may sound like an easy task, but getting all of the family members to show up when expected to get the family photos taken, and still stick to your wedding day timeline, can be hard to do. If you'll be taking these pictures before the ceremony, have a family member in charge of making sure everyone is in the right place at the right time. If the photos are being taken between the ceremony and reception, you'll need one person making sure that the relatives needed for the photos stick around and don't wander off to the reception area. Your photographer will be thrilled that a person that actually knows "who is who" is in charge of this task, plus it will help you to keep the wedding day schedule flowing on time. 

Cake Cutting
This is a job that is very often overlooked, and while it's not terribly glamorous, it is a very necessary spot to fill. Once the bride and groom cut the wedding cake, it cannot be served to guests until someone steps up to cut and plate the remaining pieces. Some caterers or bakers will take care of this, but don't assume that they will, always ask. Also, be aware that some will charge extra for this service, so you might as well get it done for free and let one of your helpful relatives have this job. 

Gathering Items After the Reception

Once the reception is over after a long day of celebrating, you will be exhausted, both mentally and physically. Designating a family member to be in charge of gathering all of the decorations, wedding gifts, and anything else that needs to go home with you means that the two of you don't have to worry about it, but it all still gets to where it needs to go. 

Planning ahead and filling the positions above before the actual wedding day will take a load off of your mind, plus these positions are wonderful ways to include family members in your special day that want to be helpful. The more help that you have at your scenic outdoor wedding near Knoxville, the easier it will be to get everything done that you've dreamed of happening on your wedding day. 

If you need more suggestions for ideas on how to throw an amazing wedding, the staff here at Country Jewell has a lot of experience in that area, and we're always happy to share that experience with our wonderful couples. For this one very important day, consider us a part of your extended family! 

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