Wednesday, July 26, 2017

4 Plate-Free Wedding Appetizer Ideas.

Food is a very important part of a reception at our scenic wedding and event venue near Knoxville. If you will be hosting an all-day celebration, you may need more than just the main meal. Appetizers are a great way to keep guests happy after the ceremony until dinner is served, and some couples even choose to serve a few snacks before their "I do's" at Country Jewell. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate, but it should taste great. 

During a cocktail hour or before the ceremony, your guests may not be in their seats at the reception tables yet. It can be awkward to socialize with a drink and a plate full of food in hand, and very difficult to participate in any lawn games you have set out to entertain everyone. Here are a few ideas for simple treats that don't require guests to carry a plate around with them. 

Grab & Go
Rather than expecting your guests to balance a plate of food, place small appetizers in easy to carry containers. A plastic cup that is flat on the bottom and can easily be set down if necessary can hold dip in the bottom and fruits, vegetables, cheeses, or crackers on top. You can even fill the bottoms of these cups with cocktail sauce for shrimp or with ketchup for a cup full of french fries. 

Cute paper bags of popcorn, chips, or some other type of crunchy snack is small and easy to carry. You can even opt for an edible container. Place fresh fruit in a chocolate-dipped ice cream cone for a fun treat.   

One-Bite Wonders
Another option is to have the food come to your guests by having servers carry passed hors d'oevures on trays. These should be small food that can be popped into your mouth in 1 or 2 bites. They only require that all guests have a napkin rather than a whole plate. Crackers topped with dips, cheeses, and other items work well for this. Bruschetta is also a wonderful option, or sandwiches cut into tiny, cute shapes. 

On a Stick
Toothpicks are excellent for serving bite-size foods, or you can opt for skewers and serve an entire row of yummy bites at once. Just about any type of food can be served on a stick: vegetables, fruits, meats, cheeses, and more! We've even seen slices of watermelon on a popsicle stick, making it easier and less messy to enjoy. 

Edible Centerpieces 
Once your guests are allowed to go to their seats at the reception table, you can have colorful centerpieces that also double as appetizers. An edible arrangement is fun and unique, and everyone can pick pieces off of it. One way to do it is with skewered food that resembles a floral arrangement, or you could use beautiful bowls and platters at different heights to hold the appetizers. This idea is also great for serving dessert. 

Deciding how to serve food to your guests is only one of many things to consider when you are planning a rustic wedding near Knoxville. As we mentioned earlier, the most important thing is that it tastes incredible. If you can make it unique and easy for guests, even better. Country Jewell is here to help if you have any questions about any part of the wedding planning process. All you have to do is ask, and we're thrilled to offer our expertise to make your wedding amazing! 

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