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What To Expect From Your Wedding Party

The wonderful staff at our wedding venue near Knoxville, as well as the many excellent wedding professionals that we can steer you toward, are all here to help you throw the most amazing ceremony and reception possible. A few other people that can help you take care of some successful wedding planning are the members of your wedding party. They are a fantastic support team, and Country Jewell has compiled a list of the duties most often associated with each position. 

Maid/Matron of Honor
This wonderful woman is the bride's "2nd-in-command." (After the groom, of course!) She is the person you can call with questions, bounce ideas off of, and spill all of your wedding planning frustrations to. This is most likely one of the people that knows you best, so she should be able to convey and carry out your wishes to others when you can't. Your maid/matron of honor is also the "leader" of the rest of your bridesmaids. 

Before the wedding, she will make sure that plans are made for pre-wedding events, like a bridal shower and the bachelorette party. Her jobs on the wedding day include making sure that you have everything you need, getting you where you are supposed to be on time, holding your bouquet during the vows and photographs, and making sure your train is straightened after you come down the aisle. She may be asked to make a toast at the reception, possibly hold the groom's ring until you place it on his finger, and she will sign the marriage license as a witness. During the reception, your maid/matron of honor will be "on call" for anything that you may need. 

If your maid/matron of honor cannot get to a task, these ladies are there to jump in and help out. They will assist with the planning of the bridal shower and bachelorette party, usually sharing the costs of throwing them. They are your support team before and during the ceremony, and at the reception, they can take on a hostess role and guide guests to where they need to be. This is a good group to keep the crowd entertained and excited to spend the majority of the reception out on the dance floor.     

Best Man
This is the groom's "go-to guy." He can help your future husband with any wedding planning tasks he has agreed to take on. He is the head groomsman, so this is the man to make sure the rest of the groom's wedding party know what is expected of them, such as when to get fitted for suit rentals and knowing when to be where at what time. The best man is usually the one in charge of making the bachelor party happen. 

The best man makes sure that the groom gets to the wedding on time. He is often asked to hold the bride's ring until the ceremony, as well as the envelope containing the officiant's fee if it has not been collected before the wedding. He is the other witness to sign your marriage license, and you may ask him to give a toast at the reception. If the men's clothing is rented, the best man can be in charge of making sure that all returns are taken care of. 

These gentlemen are "team groom," led by the best man. They will assist in planning the bachelor party, and they usually share the costs of throwing it. They are great for any heavy lifting that may be involved while setting up and decorating for the big day. If you need ushers and have not given anyone that title, the groomsmen can step in and take care of getting the guests seated, and they can help the bridesmaids keep everyone entertained at the reception.

You should make sure that each member of your wedding party knows what may be expected of them before they agree to be in the wedding. This includes paying for their own attire and hotel stays while they are in town, unless that will be part of your thank you gift to them. Most friends are happy to do the things listed above, plus more. 

When you choose to get married at our rustic wedding venue near Knoxville, we're happy to help you with some of the preparations before and during the special day when we can. Your wedding party is there to help you with all of the rest. We see lots of successful celebrations take place here at Country Jewell, and the best ones involve a supportive team to make it all happen. 

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