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9 Romantic Gestures to Surprise Your Future Spouse at Your Wedding

Your wedding day at our scenic wedding venue in Tennessee is supposed to be all about the two of you, the bride and groom. During the wedding planning, a lot of focus will be put on making sure the guests are taken care of too. 

That's also important, but don't let too much attention be taken away from the romantic reason you are there in the first place. Country Jewell has come up with 9 sweet and creative ways that you can remind your future spouse how much you love them with these wedding day surprises. 

Schedule a First Look
The "first look" was created so that the bride and groom could have their "wow" moment of first seeing each other all dressed up for the wedding without all of the guests staring at them. It's a wonderful way to keep that very special moment all to yourselves, and of course, your photographer. (You'll definitely want photos of this!) In addition to sharing this romantic moment privately, you will be much more relaxed during the ceremony having gotten the initial surprise out of your system. 

Scrapbook Your Love Story
A scrapbook filled full of pictures from your dating years leading up to the wedding is a wonderful start. Go a step further and include messages from that time too. Since most people don't write letters anymore, most of your correspondence is most likely in digital form, such as texts, social media posts, or emails. Type these up, print them out, and include them alongside all of those wonderful photos. It will be a sentimental walk down memory lane, for them when they see it, and for you while you're making it. 

Send a Care Package
Surprise the person you're about to marry by sending a wedding morning care package full of breakfast items or a mix of their favorite snacks and drinks to the room they are getting ready in. Be sure to include enough so that they can share the treats with their wedding party too. 

Deliver a Love Letter
You could send a letter full of all of the reasons that you fell in love with them and all of the reasons you cannot wait to become their wife/husband. Your maid of honor or best man can deliver the letter before the ceremony. We've also had couples stand on different sides of a door (because they hadn't seen each other before the ceremony yet) and hold hands around the corner while they read each other's letters. Have a handkerchief handy, because this always brings on lots of happy tears. 

Hide a Love Note
Rather than a long letter, or in addition to it, you can hide a short and sweet "I love you" message someplace for them to find. The bride could have a message sewn onto the back of the groom's tie, and he could do the same on a handkerchief for her to carry with her bouquet. Another idea is to write the message on the bottom of their shoes. 

Blow Up Their Phone
Each hour leading up to your walk down the aisle, send a special text or photo to their phone. This will put a smile on their face and give them something to look forward to each time their phone chimes. If you don't mind seeing each other before the wedding, you can send pictures of yourself getting ready, and if you are going the traditional route and not seeing each other before the ceremony, send some of your favorite old photos.  

Deliver Treats All Day
Instead of phone messages, you can send actual gifts to your future spouse throughout the wedding morning. You could even keep them coming during the ceremony if you really love giving surprises. Some ideas of small gifts you could send are:

  • Letters to be opened at certain times, like "when you wake up," while you are getting dressed," "before you walk down the aisle," etc...
  • Novelty socks to take care of any "cold feet"
  • Their favorite candy with a cheesy note attached
  • A piece of jewelry to wear for the wedding
  • Tickets for an event or dinner reservations for a date in the future

Engrave Your Wedding Rings
Lots of couples have something sentimental engraved inside of each other's wedding rings. It may not be a surprise that you're having it done, but the message that you choose to engrave can be hidden from each other until the wedding day. 

Plan a Reception Surprise 
Work with your wedding planner, the rest of the wedding party, or a family member to plan a reception surprise that your future spouse knows nothing about. You could arrange to add their favorite food to the cocktail appetizers, put together a slideshow starring the two of you, or plan a choreographed dance to perform for them. Think about what would put a huge smile on their face and do something relating to that. 

No matter what you have chosen as the theme of your wedding at Country Jewell, the overall theme of the day is love! Any idea that you can come up with to show your future spouse exactly how much they mean to you will be much appreciated and create fantastic memories. If you need a little help coming up with a few ideas for that or any other part of your special day, the staff at our rustic wedding venue near Knoxville is always happy to help. 

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