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Our Top 10 "Must Have" Wedding Photos

Photography is a very important part of your wedding day. A great photographer knows how to capture all of the important moments of your rustic wedding near Knoxville, but a little preparation on your part will help to guarantee that you get the memories that you most want. 

Country Jewell has come up with our own top ten list of wedding photos that we think are great to put on your list of "must-have-shots." They may not all be for everyone, but each of these really do make a wonderfully captured memory. 

Important Details
In addition to the many pictures of people in your wedding, the fashion and decoration details are important too. Let your photographer know if there are any special ones that you particularly want to have pictures of, such as an heirloom piece of jewelry or a special passage written in the program. They will already be taking care of the noticeable details, but you will need to point out the sentimental ones to them so they aren't overlooked.

Venue Highlights
You had a very good reason for choosing Country Jewell for your wedding. It may have been the cascading stream, the scenic view and gorgeous landscaping, or the beautiful stained glass in the rustic wedding chapel. Possibly there is a special spot where the two of you met at another wedding you attended. Whatever the reason was that drew you to our rustic wedding venue near Knoxville, make sure that you highlight it in a few photos. 

Fun With Your Wedding Party
Once the serious photos are finished with all of the groomsmen and bridesmaids, let loose and get a little goofy. The silly shots often end up being some of the favorites. 

The First Look
That special moment when the bride and groom see each other all dressed up for the first time is simply magical. Whether you make plans to have this moment in private before the ceremony or wait until the bride is walking down the aisle, let the photographer know that the looks on each of your faces definitely need to be captured. 

The Secret Encounter
For those that decide to skip the first look, or possibly right before a first look, we love the photos of "stolen moments." You can hold each others hands from opposite sides of a door or around a corner, making contact, but not seeing each other quite yet!

Candid Reception Shots
Much like the fun photos that you took with your wedding party, but less planned out. Having a photographer that sticks around after the reception gets going allows them to capture the "real" moments of you and your guests simply enjoying each other and having a good time. Make sure that your photographer is aware of the guests you definitely want a few extra shots of. 

Special "Surprise" Moments
If you have something special to surprise your guests at either the ceremony or reception, coordinate it with your photographer. They are the people that you don't want to surprise! You'll want to make sure they are in place when the time comes and not busy at another area of the wedding preoccupied with another photo opportunity.

Large Group Photo
We're not talking about photographs of the entire wedding party or the big family pictures. Taken at the right angle, your photographer should be able to get all of your guests together in one amazing group shot. 

The Silhouette
It may take a little patience from you while your photographer gets the lighting right, but the breathtaking photo that comes out of it makes it worth the wait. 

A Swoon-Worthy Kiss
Sometimes your first kiss, in front of all of your wedding guests, can be a bit awkward, plus it's not always easy to get the best angle with a camera. Once the ceremony is over and you're relaxed, plan a special kiss for the photographer to capture without all the pressure of a crowd watching. It could call for a few takes, but kissing your new spouse over and over won't be so bad! 

All of the pictures from your scenic wedding near Knoxville will be beautiful treasures to remind you of this amazing day for years to come. With a little bit of planning, you can guarantee that you get all of the photos you want, plus a few extras that will wow anyone that sees them. 

As long as you provide your photographer with a detailed timeline of wedding day events and a list of desired photos before the wedding, everything should go smoothly. When you get those gorgeous shots back, we'd love it if you'd share a few of them with us here at Country Jewell

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