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Great Reasons To Renew Your Wedding Vows

A wonderful way to celebrate your marriage is with a vow renewal at our rustic wedding venue near Knoxville. Some people may think that this is an unnecessary extravagance, but all of us at Country Jewell completely disagree. There are many reasons that saying "I do... again!" is an excellent way to keep love alive and your marriage as happy as day one. 

Once you are a few years into a marriage, life can get hectic and it may never seem like you have enough time for regular daily activities, much less throwing another wedding! Just in case you or your spouse needs to be convinced that a vow renewal is worth your time, here are a few reasons to go ahead and do it.  

A Landmark Anniversary
Generally, vow renewals happen on a landmark anniversary, such as the 10th, 25th, or the 50th. While that is a great excuse, you don't really have to wait for one of the "big ones." There are really no rules when it comes to renewing your vows. Some people even choose to do it every single year!  

You Deserve A Do-Over
Young couples don't always have the money to throw the wedding of their dreams. Once you are older and financially capable, renewing your vows is a great way to throw yourself that wedding you really wanted the first time around. Also, if something disastrous happened at your original ceremony or reception, this "do-over" allows you to give it another, more successful try. 

It's Easier The 2nd Time Around
Most brides and grooms have at least a few nervous feelings set in before they walk down the aisle. With a vow renewal, you shouldn't have to worry about that at all because you are already legally married. This is just another way to say "I love you" to the person that you say it to every day anyway.

Also, the fact that you are already married, anyone can officiate, which means you don't have to search for an officiant or apply for a marriage license. Gift registries aren't necessary, and many couples choose to not have attendants this time around. (Asking your original maid of honor and best man to stand up with you could be fun though!)

New People To Share It With
A vow renewal a few years into your marriage lets you share this ceremony with your children. Not only is it nice for your kids to see their parents pledge their love to each other, they can also be a part of the ceremony this time. Children can step in as your wedding party, or you can even have them walk you down the aisle. 

A Fresh Start
For couples that have just finished dealing with a big, life-changing issue, like a major illness, a wedding vow renewal is a happy occasion to bring love, laughter, and happiness back to a family that has just been through a lot of stress and heartache. It gives everyone a reason to celebrate and enjoy life. 

Just Because...
The best reason to renew your wedding vows is because it's the perfect way to remind yourself, as well as your spouse, why you married them in the first place. The "magic" of love can get hidden over time when you are always busy with everyday life. Officially pledging your love to each other again can bring that wonderful feeling back to the top of your mind, and hearts, where it belongs!

Vow Renewals At Country Jewell
The relaxing atmosphere at our scenic event venue near Knoxville is the perfect place to renew your wedding vows. There is a lovely gazebo outdoors amidst breathtaking views and gorgeous landscaping, or you can say "I do" once again in our charming wedding chapel. 

If you choose to also have a reception after the vows (because you deserve to celebrate!) our rustic special event barn has everything you need to entertain your guests, including a kitchen and serving area where you can provide your own catering, or we an arrange to have that done for you. 

"Me and my husband had a vow renewal wedding for our 20th anniversary. We had never had a wedding so we wanted to go all out. I chose Country Jewell because of the country setting and the fact that it took a lot of stress off of me. I paid one affordable price and they took care of the majority of things for me. All the things I normally would have had to set up myself were already done. I still had a choice in food, cake, and music. I did bring some things in my colors to add to decorations. Everything turned out absolutely wonderful. We had a great time and a lot of my guest's told me it was the funnest wedding they had ever attended."
-Donna, Wedding Wire review

If one of the reasons above has inspired you and your spouse, consider Country Jewell as the perfect backdrop for your wedding vow renewal. We will help you to make this time around even more special than the first time.  

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