Wednesday, January 25, 2017

5 Things That Are Easier With A Small Wedding

Our scenic wedding venue near Knoxville is the perfect place for a charming, intimate ceremony and reception. If you will be hosting a wedding with 100 or fewer guests, Country Jewell is exactly what you need. 

There are many wedding planning tasks that are a lot easier to tackle when you choose to have a small wedding. Big weddings can be wonderful too, but here are five reasons that you may want to keep the guest list to a minimum. That will make doing the following things a lot easier. 

#1 - Saving Money
With fewer people to feed and make room for, your catering bill, among other things, will be much less expensive. There will also be fewer invitations to purchase, plus a lot less postage to buy. If you have a little extra wiggle room in your budget, you may even be able to splurge on one particular thing for the wedding, or even save some money for the honeymoon.  

#2 - Personalizing Favors
If you are a DIY bride hosting a large wedding, it's going to take you hours upon hours to make enough of everything for everyone. A small guest list means that you have fewer items to make, so you can take a little extra care and time to do something more, like customize favors with each guest's name. 

#3 - Decorating Tables
Less people sitting down to dinner at your reception means that you won't need as many tables and chairs set up around the room. That benefit can go a couple of different ways. You can get a lot more extravagant with each table's decor when you don't have that many to decorate, or you can stay minimalist and save a good chunk of money. 

Country Jewell, wedding venue near Knoxville,

#4 - Spending 1-on-1 Time With Guests
An intimate wedding means that it's much easier to spend time with every guest without feeling like you have to rush off to greet the next one. You will also be able to spend quality time with your new spouse because you won't be pulled in every direction all night long trying to make sure you didn't miss any guests.  

#5 - Remaining Calm
Hundreds of guests seated at your ceremony may make you feel like you are giving a performance rather than simply marrying the person you love. A small wedding with your closest family and friends will put you at ease and help to make the experience more enjoyable and less stressful.  

Country Jewell, wedding venue near Knoxville,

Our rustic wedding barn near Knoxville is a wonderful place to hold a reception for a wedding with up to 100 guests. There is plenty of room to both have an amazing dinner plus dance the night away. The charming wedding chapel is a bit more intimate, able to hold up to 45 people. If that's a little cramped for your ceremony, we still have the gorgeous wedding gazebo outside to say your "I do's" under. 

If you would like to take a look at Country Jewell to see if it's the perfect small wedding venue near Knoxville for you, give us a call at 865-494-0552 and arrange a tour. We just know that you'll love our scenic event venue as much as we do. It's an incredible place to start your new life together as husband and wife with all of your closest family and friends. 

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