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Thoughtful Ways to Say Thank You to Your Wedding Party

The people that you have chosen to be in your wedding party are the ones that you can lean on to make the day a success. The close friends that are there for you to make sure everything runs the way you want it to. In our opinion, and we bet you'll agree, the members of your wedding party deserve an extra special thank you. Country Jewell has a few ideas on ways that you can show your gratitude. 

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Something Personal
First and foremost, nothing is more personal than a handwritten thank you note. These aren't just for the material gifts that you receive at the wedding, but for gifts of time too. An email, text, or pre-written card just doesn't do the trick. Put pen to paper and say something from your heart meant specifically for them.

Rather than finding one gift to give to all of your bridesmaids and groomsmen, pick out a present that pertains to something that they personally love or have an interest in. Use their job, hobbies, and favorite things for inspiration. The extra thought that you put into it will mean a lot to them.

Something Useful
Since these people have been so very useful to you over the course of planning your wedding, say thank you with something that they will be useful to them in the future. Every time that they use the item, they will be able to think fondly back to your wedding day. This can be in the form of beautiful jewelry for the ladies to wear at the wedding and beyond, or a money clip or watch for the gentlemen. A personalized tote bag can come in handy many times over. Wine carafes or whiskey decanters with a set of glasses would be nice for them to use at home and when you come over to visit. Basically, anything that you know they will enjoy using over and over. 

Something Fun
You can throw a "thank you" bash when you get back from your honeymoon for your entire wedding party. It will be lots of fun for you all to get together and have a good time without the pressures of the wedding looming over your heads. Just a night full of reminiscing about how amazing the wedding was, and all of the adventures you hope to have together in the future. You could even give everyone a memento that you picked up for them while you were on your honeymoon. They will be touched that they were still in your thoughts during the trip.

Something Memorable

A picture is worth a thousand words, and the very best way to preserve a memory is to capture it in a photograph. A wonderful gift to give everyone is to buy them a set of photos from the wedding; one of you with them (bride with bridesmaid, groom with groomsman) and a photo of the entire wedding party together. You could even go an extra step and arrange for your photographer to take a professional portrait of each person in the wedding party at some point during the day.   

Your wedding party probably knows how much you appreciate them, but it's important to make the extra effort to make sure that they know exactly how important they are to you. Everyone involved in your wedding day plays a part in making it a successful and wonderful experience. 

That includes our rustic wedding venue near Knoxville. We will do everything in our power to make sure your ceremony and reception are everything that you have been dreaming of. Thank you so very much for allowing Country Jewell to be a part of this special moment in your life.  

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