Wednesday, September 21, 2016

7 Tips To Help You Plan A Successful Destination Wedding

You don't have to live in Tennessee to get married at our scenic rustic wedding venue near Knoxville. Many couples fall in love with Country Jewell from the photos that they have seen online and choose to host a destination wedding with us. 

We are conveniently located less than ten minutes off of I-75, putting us very close to Knoxville, Norris Lake, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg. That means there are plenty of places for your guests to stay that are only a short distance away from us. If you do choose to host a destination wedding far from where you live, here are a few tips to help you pull it off successfully. 

Send Save-The-Dates Early

Usually, save-the-dates should be sent to guests about 6 months before the wedding date. In the case of a destination wedding, move this timeline up to 9-12 months before the wedding date. Your guests will need the extra time to ask off of work, make childcare arrangements, and arrange their travel plans. The sooner they know the wedding information, the more likely they will be able to join you.

Hire Help at the Destination

It's wise to have someone at the destination that you are in constant contact with and can trust to keep an eye on things for you. Here at Country Jewell, we can help you with things like local vendors you can count on and what the weather is truly like that time of year. It's a lot easier for someone that lives in the area to guide your wedding planning than for you to guess from a distance. If you bring vendors from your hometown, you will most likely have to pay for their travel costs. There are many talented vendors in the Knoxville area that can take care of all of your wedding day needs without that added expense.

Visit the Venue Before the Wedding
If at all possible, take a trip to your destination early in the planning process to see the venue in person. It is also nice to be able to interview any wedding vendors that you may hire in person rather than making that decision from a distance. You will feel a lot more confident about the choices you make once you have been to the area. 

Research Local Marriage Requirements
Double-check the marriage license requirements for the area that you will be getting married in well before the wedding day. Also, any special requirements for the officiant that you are allowed to use. You don't need any surprises popping up close to the ceremony that will get in the way of saying "I do."

Share Local Information With Guests
Your destination is most likely a new area to all of your guests. Gather some information to share with them about fun things to do and places to visit. A wedding website is an excellent place to post this information, or you can have it all waiting for them upon arrival in a welcome bag in their hotel room.

Travel Lightly

The less you have to take to the destination with you, the easier the trip will be. Plan for simple decorations, or rent as many as possible from a vendor in the area to be delivered. Anything that you do travel with, keep close to you. Do not put any important items in your checked luggage. If flying, make sure these things all fit into your carry-on bag. If it doesn't show up when you do, you may have to make do without it.

Try to Arrive Early in the Week
If at all possible, get to your destination a few days before the actual ceremony. This will give you time to relax and settle in, plus you will be able to check on all of the last-minute details and make adjustments where necessary.

It's not difficult to host a destination wedding at our charming country wedding venue near Knoxville, but it does require a little extra attention to detail. The sooner you get started and make decisions, the better off you will be. If Country Jewell seems like the perfect destination for you to become Mr. & Mrs., contact us to find out exactly how we can help you make this happen. 

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