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Ideas for a Romantic Rustic Wedding

The word "rustic" is defined as "relating to the countryside; rural; constructed or made in a plain and simple fashion."  Our rustic wedding barn in Knoxville doesn't need a lot of fancy decor to make it perfect, just a bit of simple decoration put together with a lot of heart.  Country Jewell has witnessed many rustic-style weddings over the years, and even though the definition doesn't do it justice, the word "rustic" means a charming and romantic event to us.  

A rustic wedding generally makes one feel as if some of the outdoors has been brought indoors.  Lots of earthy colors and natural textures.  The barn and delightful wedding chapel at Country Jewell are the perfect backdrop for this theme, and very little added decor is even necessary.  Here are some wonderful elements to incorporate when you do begin picking out your decorations. 


Burlap is the perfect color to blend in with all of the barn wood.  It is easy to work with and extremely versatile.  Adding a bit of lace gives everything a very romantic feel.  The cake below is adorned with burlap flowers.  It makes a great table runner too, and looks lovely tied on a chair back.  Many couples use it as a canvas and write wedding quotes on it.    

Mason Jars

These seem to be used for just about everything everywhere, not only rustic weddings.  They can be turned into drinking glasses and hold flowers for centerpieces or silverware on the buffet table.  Candles flicker beautifully inside them.  These jars are pretty when they are plain, but easy to dress up too.  They can be painted, frosted & etched, or wrapped in burlap and lace.    


We have seen small logs, slices of tree trunks, branches, and more used in some very creative ways to add to a rustic wedding's decor.  You can make signs for the photo booth or table numbers with cut pieces.  Branches in a vase or bottle can resemble small trees for a variety of centerpiece looks.  It also works well to set decorations on so that table decor is placed at different levels.  If you cut it straight enough so that it sits completely flat, it is adorable holding up a wedding cake. 

Baby's Breath

This is about as simple as you can get with a flower, yet it has a very dreamy type of romance to it.  You can buy large bunches fairly inexpensively and it doesn't take much to fill out an arrangement.  Baby's breath looks lovely in buckets or baskets lining the wedding aisle, and it also works well adorning just about everything in the room.  You can even use it to make a simple boutonniere for the fellas.  

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Guys aren't the only ones wearing boots at a wedding. When a bride lifts her skirt to take a step and those fancy cowboy boots are peeking out, your rustic wedding look is complete.  It makes sense, especially if you are in a wedding barn, and they are a lot more comfortable than heels to wear all day long.  

The charming wedding venue of Country Jewell is the perfect place to host a rustic wedding.  The barn is already beautiful and has its own kind of charm, even before any decorations are added, and the scenery outdoors will take your breath away.  If you are getting ready to plan a wedding in Knoxville, no matter what theme you are going with, stop by and see what a beautiful wedding day you can have at Country Jewell.  

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