Wednesday, February 17, 2016

10 Wedding Trends for 2016

A trend is defined as "the general direction in which something is developing or changing; a fashion."  Country Jewell likes to think of trends that are related to weddings as merely suggestions.  Every bride and groom has their own personal taste, so popular trends may not always match what you like, but they are great for inspiring ideas of your own. 

Our Knoxville wedding venue has its own rustic charm built in, but is a blank enough canvas that these 2016 wedding trends could easily be incorporated into your Country Jewell wedding.  

1. Barn Weddings

We are always thrilled to see that this trend is still a popular one!  Our rustic Knoxville wedding barn is perfect for this, plus we have the beautiful wedding gazebo outside and our charming wedding chapel all available to you.     

2. Natural Elements  

Couples are beginning to bring the outdoors indoors to decorate.  Many centerpieces are made from growing plants like succulents rather than cut flower arrangements. Also, the addition of many natural details are becoming an extremely popular look. Elements like cork, wood, and stone work beautifully with a rustic wedding.       

3. Tone-on-Tone Florals

For those that do choose to incorporate cut flowers, we are seeing a lot of arrangements using the same color throughout, but in a variety of shades.  Starting with the lightest variation of a color all the way through to the deepest can be absolutely breathtaking.  

4. Metallics & Shimmer

Beginning with the save-the-dates and wedding invitations and making its way through decorations and fashion, metallics and shimmery hues are showing up all over weddings.  Many decide to use a neutral palette with pops of these shiny accents.  Rose gold seems to be a popular choice.    

5. Rectangular Reception Tables

Reception tables are making a move from the round tables of the past to long, rectangular setups.  Another option is to mix it up and use a variety of both shapes around the room.

6. Mismatched Bridesmaid Gowns

This trend gives your bridesmaids a little more freedom with their look.  Each girl can choose a dress that fits her body best, and you don't have a lot of cranky friends fighting over which gown to buy.  Give them a guideline so that the dresses tie in together, such as different shades of one color to search for or one particular color, but any in style they like.   

7. Drone Photography

Drones can give you a wedding perspective that most never get to see. Videographers can attach a camera to the drone and tape the entire wedding from above, capturing all of your guests in the shot too.  It also allows for some very interesting camera angles.  Photos from up high are creative and turn out fun and gorgeous.   

8. Musical Options

Long gone are the days of deciding on a band or a DJ.  Today, many weddings are using both!  Just imagine, a string quartet outside by the gazebo, followed by a small ensemble playing your favorite songs during cocktail hour, then closing the night with a DJ in the barn and lots of dancing!  

9. Power Bars & Selfie Stations

By now, if you own a cell phone, you should have mastered the selfie.  You know your guests are very likely to be taking them, so why not set up a special area to make it extra fun.  Provide props & a special wedding hashtag so that everyone shares photos with each other.  Make sure that their phone batteries stay charged by having an area set aside with cords plugged in and ready for each type of phone.      

10. Desserts vs. Cakes 

A table full of a variety of tasty desserts is seen more often today than a wedding cake alone.  Pies, cupcakes, cookies, cheesecakes, even donuts!  Those that are opting for wedding cake have gone back to ordering buttercream over fondant, or doing away with the frosting altogether and having "naked" cakes adorned with fruit instead.  

We would love to hear what special touches that you will be adding to your upcoming ceremony and reception.  When you begin planning a wedding in Knoxville, these trends will hopefully give you a place to start.  Once you add your own spin, you will have a day that everyone talks about for years to come.  Having Country Jewell as a backdrop for that wedding will really make it a day that everyone will always remember.       

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