Wednesday, January 27, 2016

5 Benefits of Hosting a Small Wedding

The most scenic wedding venue in Knoxville is quite breathtaking, but our intimate setting only accommodates up to 100 wedding guests.  Many couples feel as if they need to throw a gigantic, lavish event when they begin planning their wedding.  We have witnessed numerous small weddings that were absolutely perfect.  Country Jewell has five wonderful reasons that a small wedding may be exactly what the two of you need.  

Country Jewell, Knoxville, Heiskell TN, wedding venue

1. It can save you money.

The more people that are invited to your wedding, the higher the bill goes.  Catering a reception is one of the largest expenses a bride and groom will face.  Shortening the guest list not only saves money on your budget in this area, but also on favors, additional seating, invitation postage, and more.  The money you save can be put away for a glorious honeymoon or a down payment on a future home.    

2. You can get extravagant.  

If you have extra money in the budget to be spent but fewer guests to take care of, you can splurge in a few areas.  Order fancy personalized favors for each place setting, or choose a more exotic meal for dinner.    

3. The experience is more personal.

Once the wedding guest list gets too far over 100, it can become difficult to give each of your guests personalized attention.  You don't want want to miss out on having fun at the reception because you are spending all of your time going through a long line of greetings and well wishes.  These are wonderful, but can take up a lot of the evening.  Simply inviting a few of your closest family and friends makes it a more intimate gathering, and it will feel more like a celebration than a performance.  

Country Jewell, Knoxville, Heiskell TN, wedding venue

4. More venue options are opened up.

Country Jewell, Knoxville, Heiskell TN, wedding venueThere are many amazing wedding spots like our Knoxville rustic wedding venue that do not have room to fit a large group of people.  Limiting the number of guests that you invite opens up a less limited amount of choices for where you can get married.  

5. It's perfect for a destination wedding.

If you want to get away from your norm and travel someplace new and exciting to say "I do," fewer guests will be able to follow along with you.  A small guest list allows you to pick up and get out of town for the wedding.  You don't have to live near Knoxville to book your wedding at Country Jewell, and everyone back home will be jealous of the beautiful photos that you bring home from here. 

A wedding doesn't have to be big and over-the-top to be impressive.  A smaller wedding at our Knoxville wedding venue lets you focus more on the day itself and those closest to the two of you.  A small, intimate wedding is perfect for many.  If this sounds good to you, then a Country Jewell wedding may be in your future!  We would love to show you around, so visit us soon and see what we are talking about.  

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