Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Easy Ideas for the DIY Bride

January is National Hobby Month.  That makes this a perfect time to write a blog featuring some great DIY wedding ideas.  If your hobby is a crafty one, put it to good use and make a few items to use in your wedding.

The best wedding venue in Knoxville gets a chance to host quite a few brides and grooms that enjoy creating much of the wedding decor themselves, and we have seen some wonderful creations over the years.  Below you will find a few of Country Jewell's favorite DIY ideas that aren't too difficult to pull off.  

Flower Girl Baskets

This is a small detail that you can have some fun with.  If you are going for simple, tie on ribbons to match your wedding colors.  If you want to get a little more creative, it doesn't have to be a basket.  A rustic wedding could use a small metal bucket or even an upside-down cowboy hat.  Use your imagination.  As long as it holds whatever you have your flower girl tossing down the aisle, any container can work.  

Paper Cones

These are perfect for holding confetti, flower petals, or whatever item you have chosen for the guests to throw at the bride and groom as you make your exit.  Any piece of paper will work.  You simply fold it, staple, and you are done.  Adding some ribbon as a handle allows you to hang these over each guest's ceremony chair. Patterned paper in wedding colors is nice, or you can use sheet music, old book pages, or even glittery paper for a bit of sparkle.  


The most popular wedding program for an outdoor wedding is warm is a fan.  It's not difficult to print your wedding information on paper and attach it to card stock in any shape that you desire.  Next, add a wooden stick for the handle and it is finished. Now the guests know the schedule and maybe a few details about the wedding party, plus they can fan themselves and keep cool in the heat.  


With the incredible invention of chalkboard paint, nearly any surface can be written and drawn on.  Use big boards or old windowpanes to make chalkboard signs for menus, seating arrangements, or any other information that you would like to relay to your guests.  With a little online research, you can even customize your chalkboard paints to be any color that you desire. 

Bottles & Jars

If you are a wine drinker, start saving those old wine bottles.  There are lots of different ways to incorporate them into your table centerpieces.  If the color is already one that you like, simply wrap paper around the center with the table number artfully drawn on it.  Spray paint or a little Mod Podge and glitter work well for adding a bit of glamour and style to the bottles too.  A great way to make rustic wedding decor is to wrap the bottle with twine, and possibly add some lace to soften the look. All of the these ideas can be applied to mason jars, which are also perfect for holding candles or flowers on a table.  


Maybe your hobby is cooking.  Save a little money on the desserts and add some homemade flavor to your reception by offering a dessert bar.  In addition to a small wedding cake, put out plates of your favorite cookies and desserts.  We know of one couple that loved pie so much that they turned their reception into a pie baking competition and invited guests to bring their best for the title of Favorite Pie.  

That's just a small sampling of the creative things that we have seen.  Depending on your level of expertise and amount of time available, there are lots of DIY wedding ideas out there for you to discover.  It not only can save you some money, but also adds that special personal touch to the entire event.  Country Jewell is a great venue to add lots of personal touches to on your special day.  We would love to hear about the cool DIY things that you have seen or plan to do at your own wedding.  

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