Wednesday, May 16, 2018

10 Things That Wedding Photographers Wish Couples Knew (#6-10)

Last week our rustic wedding venue near Knoxville shared the first half of our list of 10 things that wedding photographers wish couples knew (#1-5.) Today, we're continuing those tips with #6-10 so the wedding photos that you have taken at Country Jewell can be the best photos ever! 

Lighting Makes A Big Difference
If your wedding will begin during the day and continue late into the evening, that gives you a lot of chances to take photos in a variety of different natural lighting situations. Your photographer should recognize the best opportunities, so be sure to listen to them if they want to pull you away for a moment because they see the possibility for a great shot. 

Professional photographers are skilled at making artificial light do some incredible things too. If they need to move you a little to get the right lighting, trust them. The pictures that come out of the suggestion will be well worth it.  

Ask Guests To Unplug
Unplugged weddings are a wedding where guests are asked to put away their phones, cameras, and other mobile devices. A lot of wonderful wedding photos can be ruined because guests are in the photographer's way trying to get a picture of their own. Let the pros take the photos and convince your guests to just enjoy the moment. 

You can always request the "unplugged" treatment for the ceremony and let your guests take their own photos at the reception, as long as you remind them to stay out of the professional photographer's way. After all, you paid them to take pictures, so let them do their job.  

Connect Your Vendors
This goes for most of your wedding vendors, not just the photographer. If you make sure that they all have the names and contact information for each other, it can be a lot easier for them to communicate and work together to make your wedding flow smoothly. Sometimes your photographer may need a certain person for a certain shot, and rather than running around the wedding venue to find them, they can instead reach out to other vendors for help.   

Don't Wait To Order Prints
Even if you hire a photographer that gives you a digital copy of all of your wedding photos, don't put off ordering prints to frame, put in photo albums, and share with your family and friends. The longer you wait to get those wedding photos printed, the less likely you will ever get it done. They are going to be amazing, so pick out a  few to show off! 

This advice is the most important! The planning is over, so relax and enjoy all of that hard work. The way you feel is going to show in all of the photos that are being taken. You deserve to have the best day ever, and when you do, your wedding photos are going to be unbelievably amazing! 

If you are still looking for a photographer, or any other wedding vendors, the staff at Country Jewell can make some helpful suggestions. We work with lots of incredible wedding vendors all of the time, and we're good at matching couples with talented wedding professionals they can be comfortable with. When we all work as a team, your ceremony and reception at our beautiful wedding venue near Knoxville can be the one you've always dreamed of. 

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