Tuesday, May 8, 2018

10 Things That Wedding Photographers Wish Couples Knew (#1-5)

May is National Photography Month, which seems like an excellent time to talk about all of those wonderful photos that you will be taking at our scenic wedding venue near Knoxville. Those photographs will contain sentimental wedding memories, so you want to make sure that you have every chance to capture those moments in the best way possible. 

Country Jewell has a list of 10 things that most wedding photographers wish all of their clients knew before the wedding. We'll cover the first half of that list today and continue this discussion in next week's blog. Going into your special day with this advice will help you to take the most gorgeous wedding photos possible. 

You Get What You Pay For
If wedding photographs are at the top of your "important wedding items" list, make sure that you set a big chunk of your budget aside especially for a quality photographer. It's a lot more than pointing and clicking. You need someone with the proper equipment, a full knowledge of weddings, the skills to know correct angles and lighting, and the ability to spend hours editing the multitude of photos that will be taken. 

A friend of the family may have a nice camera, but if they don't know how weddings work or get distracted because they are also a guest, they could miss some very important shots. Sometimes you can get lucky and find a photography student who is willing to work for cheap to build their portfolio, but your safest bet for pictures that you can be proud of is to stick with a pro.  

Hire Someone You "Click" With
Photos look best when you are comfortable and happy in them. Choosing a photographer that you get along with well will make it much easier to be yourself, and that will show in your pictures. It makes your photographer's job a lot easier too when you are all comfortable with each other. This also means that you are much less likely to notice the photographer during intimate moments, which allows them to capture those special shots without interrupting them. 

Have a List To Discuss With Them
You will probably have a list of "must have" photos that you want, and this can only happen if your photographer is aware that you want them. Don't overdo it and come up with a list too long to ever accomplish, but do include family photos that you want to have. This includes the names of who needs to be in which picture, and it's always nice to warn your photographer of any issues or family drama that may surface when these people get together. 

Also, let your photographer know if there are any wedding items that you made yourself or that have a special meaning to you so they can make sure to get a few photos of those things. Make them aware of any surprises you have planned too, such as a specially choreographed dance, so they don't miss capturing it. It's not your photographer's job to create your wedding day timeline, but their experience allows them to be a great resource for fitting everything in as long as they know what needs to fit in.     

Trust Your Photographer
They are the experts, so trust your photographer's suggestions. They know how to make the lighting work in your favor and what types of things look great on film. If you have a long list of photos that you found on Pinterest but they say that shot isn't going to work in this situation, they usually know best.

Your input is needed to give them an idea of what you are wanting, but they need to have the freedom to create. You hired them because you loved the photographs from their portfolio, so you need to trust that they will do the same amazing work for your wedding too. With that in mind, if you are uncomfortable with a photo or a pose feels unnatural, speak up and your photographer will create another shot that you can be happier with.   

Be Yourself
Just because it's a wedding, you don't have to do traditional "wedding poses" for your photos. Be goofy it that's your personality, and be willing to be photographed getting a little silly. Incorporate some props that show off a favorite hobby, pastime, or favorite thing. 

Also, if you don't normally wear a lot of makeup, there's no reason that you need to pile it on for your wedding day. You'll end up with pictures of a person you don't recognize. Stay true to your own style and personality and you'll get some fantastic photos that you love. 

These first 5 tips are a great place to start, and next week our Country Jewell blog will have 5 more tips to help your wedding photos turn out incredible. Our rustic wedding venue near Knoxville makes a gorgeous backdrop for your photographs, and these 10 tips combined with the love that will be emanating from the two fo you are going to make wedding magic together! 

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