Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Valentine's Day Romance for Everyday Life and Your Wedding

February is a very romantic month. Not only does it contain Valentine's Day, but it is also labeled "Creative Romance Month" and "National Weddings Month." This seems like the perfect time for Country Jewell to highlight a few creatively romantic ideas that can both be incorporated into your wedding at our beautiful rustic wedding venue near Knoxville and your daily life. (Valentine's Day is a great time to start making one or more of these a tradition for the two of you!) 

Love Letters
Handwritten love letters are rare for most people, so receiving one from your sweetheart is an extra special treat. It is a lovely tradition for couples to write love letters to each other to be delivered on the wedding day while each is getting ready for the ceremony. You can also do this for other romantic occasions, or simply "just because" any time you feel like writing down your feelings and making your special someone smile. 

Don't stop there. While a handwritten love note is the ultimate, go a step further. Occasionally leave little notes around the house for them to find on post-its or other small scraps of paper. The occasional text full of sweet nothings is sure to make them very, very happy and keep that romance alive too. For the big occasions though, put pen to paper and seal it with a kiss! 

Relive A Memory
Every year, be it on your anniversary, Valentine's Day, or some other important date, recreate something that is special to the two of you. Pick a restaurant or a particular meal to enjoy only on that date each year, or possibly drink one certain type of wine you don't drink on a regular basis, making it unique to that romantic moment. You could even recreate your first date every year. You can begin this tradition at your wedding, or if you already have something in mind from your time dating, incorporate it into your wedding day. 

Make A New Memory
If you're the adventurous type of couple that prefers to try something new and different together every chance that you get, promise to pick out a new adventure to share with each other every year. It doesn't particularly have to be romantic. As long as it is something you can experience together, it is bound to bring you closer together, which is always wonderful for romance. 

You can bring this idea of trying something new into your wedding planning by searching for a unique unity ceremony to share or by learning a choreographed dance to perform at your reception. If it's something you haven't done before, give it a try!    

Take An Annual Photo
This is an excellent way to watch the progression of your love and life together over the years. Strike the same post every year and take a photo to add to a collection. If the picture can also be taken in the same place annually, even better, or go the opposite direction and make sure you find a brand new location each year. If you have not yet gotten married, make sure that you take this photo on your wedding day, and for already married couples, pick one of your wedding photos to inspire your recreated pose. 

Renew Your Vows 
This can be done in a big way like getting married all over again, or simply by going back over the vows that you made to each other in private. If this is something that you might want to do, have your wedding vows framed or saved on paper in a special place to keep them safe until you want to get them back out again. Another option is to watch the video from your wedding or flip through the album of photos from that amazing day.  

There are two main themes throughout the ideas suggested above. One is togetherness, and the other is reminding your loved one of how special they are to you. For those of you yet to get married, start some traditions that can be incorporated into your big day at our scenic wedding venue near Knoxville, and for everyone that has already tied the knot, start a tradition now, possibly pulling inspiration from your own wedding day. From all of us here at Country Jewell, have a wonderfully romantic Valentine's Day full of love! 

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