Tuesday, February 27, 2018

7 Wedding Invitation Tips You Don't Want To Overlook (Part 2)

Last week's blog covered the first 3 of 7 Wedding Invitation Tips You Don't Want To Overlook, and this week Country Jewell is completing the list with the final 4. Make sure to consider all of this information when you are preparing our own wedding invitations for your ceremony and reception at our rustic wedding venue near Knoxville.  

Information to Include
Invitations really only need to cover the basics. These include:
  • Ceremony date, time, and location,
  • Names of the hosts (be it the couple or their parents,)
  • Names of the bride and groom
  • RSVP information. 
If you want the RSVPs mailed back to you, that information will be on a separate enclosure card with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Reception information can be included on the invitation if you are trying to avoid additional inserts, or it can be printed on a separate enclosure. If directions are included, they need to be printed separately, and gift registry information should never be included with the invitation. Etiquette dictates that this information is given another way, like on a wedding website or through word of mouth.  

Addressing Invitations
Wedding invitations are a bit more formal than regular cards or invitations you might send. It looks best if the addresses are handwritten, but this is time-consuming. You might consider hiring a professional to address your invites if you don't feel you have the time or if you don't necessarily love the look of your own penmanship. If you do decide to use a printer to put the addresses either directly on the envelopes or on sticker labels, there are a lot of beautiful fonts that you can find online that mimic the look of real handwriting nicely. 

Titles are very important for a formal invitation. Be clear about who is a Ms., Mrs., Dr., etc... Also, all words for the street address should be spelled out rather than abbreviated. Make it extremely clear exactly who is invited to the wedding when you address it. If children are not invited, do not add "and Family" after a couple's name. The inner envelope is the place where you can get specific and list each person's name individually. Also, your single guests should only expect to bring a "plus 1" if you have included "and Guest" after their name.  

When you set the initial budget, many couples forget to include the price of postage for mailing the invitations into their final figure. Unusually shaped or large-sized invites will require more postage to mail, and if you have a lot of extra enclosures included, the heavier weight will up the cost too. Don't forget to add money to your budget for extra stamps for RSVPs being returned by mail also. A great way to save money here is to skip the inserts that contain additional information and instead let your guests know to visit your wedding website for those details. If they RSVP online too, that is even more money saved for you. 

Order Extra
Mistakes happen, invites get lost in the mail, and every once in a while couples think of "one more person" that they need to invite. For this reason, it is very important to have a few extra invitations handy. The cost to reprint only a couple of extra invitations after your initial order will be pricey and take time. It's also nice to have an extra or two left over after the wedding for keepsakes. 

You want to make sure that the information that you send to your guests in your wedding invitations is clear and concise so that your family and friends know exactly what's going on and are sure to make it to your special day at our scenic wedding venue near Knoxville. A Country Jewell wedding is a wonderful celebration that no one will want to miss. 

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