Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Fun Holiday Activities For Family Gatherings

The holidays are here! Many people will be getting together with family and friends over the next week to celebrate the season. Once the food is eaten and the presents are opened, you may be needing a few ideas for how to keep everyone entertained. Country Jewell has put together some great activities that we've discovered over the years from parties held at our Knoxville special event venue. 

Play Games
There's a good chance that someone opened a brand new game for Christmas that you can all give a try. You can also have a pile of favorite board games stacked to the side to choose from, and see how many you can play your way through.

Another alternative is to put a holiday twist on some classic games, like "Name That Tune," Christmas Carol version, or Christmas movie "Pictionary" or "Charades." For the more active families, you could even set up a few "Minute To Win It" style relay games and take part in some friendly competition. 

White Elephant Gift Exchange
In addition to, or instead of, the regular present opening, a White Elephant Gift Exchange adds a bit of fun and mischief to gift giving. Everyone participating brings a wrapped gift, either something they already own and no longer want, or a new gift that fits within a pre-set price range. It's up to your group whether you bring useful presents or silly ones. 

All players pick a number, and player #1 begins the game by choosing a gift from the pile to unwrap. Next, of course, is player #2, but they have a choice: either open a new gift or steal the gift player #1 opened. If they steal, then player #1 gets to open a new gift. Later on during the game, once more presents have been opened, if you are stolen from, you have the choice to steal from someone else. The last person in the round that doesn't want to steal opens a gift, then play continues to the next player number.

Play continues in this way, with each player either stealing or opening, until everyone has gone. At the end, player #1 gets one last chance to steal if they so choose. There are numerous variations on this game that you can find online to help the game play go smoothly and fairly.  

Make Something
If you have a group of crafty individuals sharing the holidays with you, set up a work station where you can all make some items together. It can be a new ornament to hang on the tree, or maybe a holiday decoration to be used next year. You can even make something sweet to be eaten once it's finished, like building a gingerbread house together or decorating cutout sugar cookies. 

Establish A New Tradition
Finding a favorite story to read to the group year after year, like "The Night Before Christmas," is an excellent tradition that everyone will look forward to each year. Another option could be to choose a classic movie that is entertaining for any age, grab some snacks, turn down the lights, and settle down for a great seasonal movie. You could even change into your pajamas and start a movie marathon. Pick something that everyone finds fun and do it every year. 

Set Up A Photo Booth
Memories are a wonderful thing to cherish, and taking lots of pictures is a great way to share those memories with those that could not be at your celebration. Setting up a photo spot and providing a few clever holiday props is a wonderful way to encourage everyone to smile and say cheese. 

If you don't have the chance to celebrate Christmas with everyone that you would like to due to conflicting engagements, consider throwing a belated get-together after the holidays. You could even throw a "Happy New Year" party at some point in January at our rustic event venue near Knoxville when everyone is a little less busy. Whatever you end up doing, all of us at Country Jewell hope that you have a magnificent holiday season full of all of the things and people that you love. 

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