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10 Great Ideas For Those Leftover Mason Jars From Your Wedding

Mason jars are a very popular wedding decoration that we see often at our rustic wedding venue near Knoxville. They fit the theme beautifully, and there are lots of creative ways for them to be used. The only problem may be what in the world you are going to do with all of those mason jars after the wedding is over. Well, Country Jewell has a few ideas for you. 

As we already mentioned, we have seen the versatile mason jar used in lots of different ways at the various weddings that have taken place here. Most often they are utilized in the centerpiece somehow, usually as floral vases or candle holders. Some couples chose to use mason jars for their guests to drink out of, others put them on the buffet line to hold utensils, and a few even incorporate them as favors. 

After the wedding, unless you used them as favors, you are going to have a lot left over. Unless you happen to know another bride that would like to take them off your hands, here are some great ideas for what to do with them instead of throwing those multi-functional items away. 

1. Gift Jars

With Christmas just around the corner, you've probably seen lots of small gift sets wrapped up neatly inside of mason jars. You can make a mini-spa gift and fill it with small bottles of hand lotion, nail polish, emery boards, and other items that pamper a person. Small bottles of alcohol and a mini can of soda tucked away inside make a mini bar right in the glass you can drink it out of. Another trip around the internet can also give you tons of recipes for cookies and more where the dry ingredients are layered inside the mason jar and a recipe is attached. 

2. Snack Holders
These work great for both people snacks and pet treats. You can also layer a salad in such a way that the dressing doesn't soak everything else before you're ready to eat it at lunchtime. The lid makes it a great soup container to take to work too. 

3. Baking "Pans"
Glass can go into an oven, which means filling a mason jar with cake batter, bread dough, or muffin mix will result in fresh and hot treats straight from the oven. We have even seen some recipes that allow you to bake a wonderful single-serving pie in them. 

4. Kitchen Containers

Foods like pasta and rice often come in a bag that is not resealable. A mason jar is the perfect thing to keep your leftover dried goods in. They can also hold other cooking and baking ingredients. The lid from a plastic Parmesan cheese container from the store even fits on the top of some jars to make a nice shaker.   

5. Desk Containers

These glass jars are great containers for all sorts of household items. Either plain or decorated with a fresh coat of paint or wrapped in some type of paper, they will keep all of your stuff neatly where it belongs. Pens, pencils, scissors, and more will always be where you expect them to be.

6. Bathroom Containers
Just like on your desk, there are lots of things in the bathroom that can be kept neatly in a mason jar. Q-tips, cotton balls, makeup sponges and brushes, bath salts... all sorts of things!

7. Waterproof Containers
If you like to go camping, use one to store your matches so that they stay nice and dry. The jars could also keep the scents from some aromatic foods locked away so that animals aren't as tempted to visit and examine what you're eating. 

8. Liquid Dispensers

You can find lots of fairly easy tutorials online that instruct you on how to add a pump to the jar lid. Then you can use it as a clever dispenser for soaps, lotions, and more.

9. Herb Garden
These are great little containers to line your kitchen window with. Fill them with a bit of dirt and plant your favorite herbs so you will have fresh ones whenever you need them.  

10. Vases or Candle Holders

There is no reason why you can't use them all around the house in the same way you used them at your wedding. As an added bonus, every time that you see one in a room, it will remind you of your very special wedding day.

Even if you use all of the ideas above, you may still have a few left over. Re-make a few of the things that you made for yourself and save them to give away for housewarming gifts, birthday presents, or any other time that you need a quick present. We love being able to see what everyone does with their mason jars at our Knoxville wedding and event venue. Share a few of the things that you have done with those jars after the wedding with Country Jewell too. We bet you've got a few more great ideas that we didn't even think of. 

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