Friday, October 7, 2016

Fun New Twists on Old Wedding Traditions

When it comes to a wedding, most people may expect you to stick to tradition, but it's your wedding, so you should do things the way that makes you the most happy. Just because something has "always been done this way" doesn't mean that you have to have it in your rustic wedding near Knoxville

On the other hand, you can choose to include some of the old traditions, but put a new spin of your own on them. Country Jewell has a few ideas for some fun ways to put a new twist on old wedding traditions.

The Unity Candle
The traditional unity candle is still used, but there are lots of other options for couples to choose from now if they want to do something different, or if they are having an outdoor ceremony and a candle may not stay lit easily. A few sentimental ideas for your unity ceremony include: a sand ceremony, a wine ceremony, or a tree planting ceremony.  

The Guest Book
A book full of your wedding guests' signatures is not something you are likely to flip through often, if ever. Instead, have everyone sign a piece of artwork to hang in your home, or the matte around a big, framed wedding photo. If you will be having a photo booth, have your guests leave their pictures from it in a scrapbook in place of a regular guest book. 

Cutting the Cake
You don't see a gigantic, tiered wedding cake very often anymore. Lots of couples prefer to offer a variety of desserts to their guests. You can have a small cake specifically for the two of you to cut among the smaller desserts, or you can switch it up completely and cut a wedding pie or another favorite sweet treat that you both love. Some couples even choose to use desserts for the guests as table centerpieces or as a favor at each place setting. 

The Bouquet Toss
If you don't want your single friends fighting over your bridal bouquet, there are a few different things you can do in place of throwing one big bunch of flowers. Toss loose, single stems or small bunches instead of just one bouquet. Rather than throwing anything, you can choose to present the bouquet to someone special, like a close friend, relative, or the woman in attendance that has been married the longest. 

The First Dance

Some brides and grooms like to wing it, others choreograph a number, and other couples don't like dancing and want to skip this tradition completely. That's totally your call, depending on your comfort level. If you will be having a dance, but don't want to be alone on the dance floor, ask all of the married couples or your bridal party to join you instead of going it alone. You can also ask the DJ to keep your first dance down to only one verse, then fade the music out, keeping it short and sweet. 

When you host your wedding at our scenic Knoxville wedding venue, you're the boss. You are free to stick with all of the traditions that you love, leave out the ones you don't, and make up your own brand new traditions. This is your special day, and Country Jewell is here to help you make it an amazing one you will never forget. 

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