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11 Helpful Wedding Planning Resources

If you are in the process of planning your wedding, it is very likely that you have never done this before. It's difficult to know exactly where to begin, but there are loads of resources out there that can walk you through every single bit of the process. Country Jewell has put a few of these together for you to take a look at. 

Wedding Books
In this day and age, most couples get a lot of their information online. That being said, we still believe in the power of a good book. Sometimes it's nice to have something in-hand that you can curl up with and study, making notes as you go. You will most likely find a website related to many of these books to reference also.

  • Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette: This was traditionally thought of as the bride's handbook, but it was originally written in 1922. Emily's great-great-grandchildren, Anna & Lizzie Post, have updated those ideas to fit modern-day situations. There are plenty of tips for handling your wedding in an elegant way. (
  • Offbeat Bride: Creative alternatives for the independent-thinking couple fill this book. Ariel Meadows humorously recounts her own wedding-planning tale, as well as a few other examples. Reading it lets you know that if you want to do something that some may consider unconventional, it's perfectly okay! You will find tips, tricks, and friendly encouragement for having the wedding you truly desire. (
  • The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer: Here you will find this popular wedding website's information in your own hands. There are tons of ideas, worksheets, checklists, etiquette, calendars, and more. There is even a section of answers to frequently asked questions.
  • A Practical Wedding: Here you will find creative ideas for planning an absolutely amazing wedding, but without breaking the bank. You will discover ways to host the a meaningful celebration that can fit within your budget. 
  • Bride's Thank-You Note Handbook: Thank you notes are an important but time-consuming task. This book makes it all a little easier by giving tips for writing thoughtful, prompt, hand-written thank you notes for every type of gift. You will even find examples that you can follow. It may save you lots of time and worry.

Wedding Resources Online
If you prefer to search the internet for your inspiration, the following online sites will be extremely helpful with your planning. 

  • We mentioned their organizer above. Online you will find just about everything you could possibly need to plan a wedding. Links for vendors in your area, reviews, checklists, registries, budgeting tips, ideas, real wedding spotlights, and much more. Sign up for free and start exploring. You can even build a website for your own wedding. 
  • Here is another option for a free, one-stop website for everything "wedding." You can access planning tools, local wedding vendors, inspiration, open discussions, tons of reviews, and much more. You can also build a wedding website for your own special day for guests to access.  
  • It's the rare person that hasn't heard all about Pinterest, and there's even a good chance that you may have started a wedding board before you got engaged. Simply type in anything that you want to know about and you will immediately have all kinds of inspiration from other people that have shared pages online that they love. Save your favorites into titled boards of your own. Not only will you get visual inspiration, but the links will take you to pages that tell you how to make it happen.
  • Google Drive: This is not a website, but rather an online cloud to keep all of your thoughts, ideas, photos, and more organized in one convenient place. You can sync it to your mobile devices so that you always have access to your information. You can even invite people to share certain files if you need to work together.
  • This site claims to feature the 100 best wedding blogs in the world. No matter what your style, you are sure to find a blog here that is right up your alley. All aspects of weddings are covered within these 100 blog links. 
  • Here you can find local Knoxville wedding vendors, plus all kinds of helpful wedding tips for every part of your wedding, plus fun wedding facts and information. There is even a link to, with the tagline "Where Brides Go, For What Brides Love," full of wedding accessories and wedding party gifts. 

Those resources will help you to get the general wedding planning started. When you are ready to plan your ceremony and reception at our Knoxville rustic wedding venue, we will be happy to help you with the details. Country Jewell is a beautiful place to begin with, and with a little research and inspiration from some of the resources above, your wedding can reflect exactly who you are as a couple in a very memorable way. 

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