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All The Music Needed For Your Wedding - Part 1: The Ceremony

Music is a very important part of your wedding day. It helps to set the mood, can bring a happy tear to your eye, and it gets people excited and racing to the dance floor at the reception. There are many places in your in wedding where the right song can elevate a good moment to an amazing one. 

Choosing all of the different songs to be used throughout your wedding is often an afterthought for couples. Country Jewell has put together a list for you so you can start thinking about the perfect music for each section of your wedding now and not have to rush to figure it all out at the last minute. 

This week is all about the ceremony music you will want to plan for, and next week we will go over reception music. Once you start picking it all out, you will be glad the task is out of the way and your wedding DJ will be thrilled that you are so prepared. 

Pre-ceremony music - You don't have to pick individual songs for the guests' arrival, but let the person in charge of your music know the type that you prefer. It should be welcoming and relaxing. If you don't have a particular kind in mind, your DJ or musicians will have excellent suggestions, and probably a perfect playlist already made up.

Family entrance - This is the beginning of the processional. Guests will be seated and the photographer will be snapping away. The song played here will let your guests know that the excitement is beginning.  

Wedding party entrance - A change in music will be the cue that it is time for the wedding party to make their way down the aisle. Your own personal tastes will decide whether this will be slow and sweet or upbeat and fun. 

Bride's entrance - The traditional "Here Comes the Bride" is actually titled the "Bridal Chorus" by Wagner. Pachelbel's "Canon in D" is also a classic. There is no rule though, and you are free to choose any song that you feel sums up everything that is about to happen.  Many couples decide to go with a sweet, romantic entrance, while others throw in something special to give the crowd a giggle. (The good part in the video below starts at 2:30 into it.)

Special ceremony music - You may want a close friend or family member to sing a special solo during the ceremony. The lyrics in a song for this will be the important thing to focus on. 

If you will be doing some type of unity ceremony, there will need to be something playing in the background while this happens. Make sure the song is only as long as the unity ceremony to avoid having to stand there awkwardly while it finishes. Fading it out when you are done is an easy way to accomplish this.   

Recessional - If you want to go the traditional route, the usual song is entitled the "Wedding March" by Mendelssohn. Some couples prefer to get the party started at this point and play something lively to dance back down the aisle to instead. Pick a song that makes you happy.  

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That should cover all of the areas in your ceremony where music is necessary. Next week, we will give you a few ideas for some great songs to include in all of the special moments of your wedding reception. Our Knoxville reception venue is an incredible place to party all night long with your family and friends. The perfect music makes it even more fun for everyone. 

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