Friday, May 6, 2016

15 Wonderful Ways to Honor Mom at Your Wedding

This weekend is Mother's Day, so today our Country Jewell blog focuses on this wonderful woman. She has most likely been looking forward to your wedding day almost as much as you have. For all of the love and support that Mom has shown you over the years, here are a few fantastic ways to give some of that love back at your wedding. 

Wear her gown, or something from it.

If you love the wedding dress that your mother wore when she got married, have it altered to fit you. It can even be updated by a seamstress to fit better into a contemporary wedding. You don't have to wear the entire dress. Have a swatch from it sewn into your gown or made into a handkerchief to carry with you, or wear Mom's veil with your new gown. 

Ask her to be a part of the wedding prep.

Asking her opinion on different wedding planning matters will make her feel like a part of the process. If you are making any items for your wedding, work as a team with your mom to finish those crafts. It will be a wonderful way for the two of you to spend time together before the big day.

Go with her to shop for her dress.

After you find your dream wedding dress, make plans with your mom to spend a day shopping for hers. Pick out a few stores to hit together, plan to stop for lunch, and maybe even end the day doing something that you both love. Make a whole, fun day out of the shopping trip. 

Borrow something of hers.

For your "something old, new, borrowed, & blue," get the borrowed item from your mother. She will be thrilled that you asked her, and that item will have an extra-special meaning to her when you give it back.

Ask her to get ready with you and the bridesmaids.

The time before the wedding while everyone is getting their hair and makeup done can be full of laughter and good memories. Invite your mom to join you and the girls during this time and let her get pampered a bit too.  

Take a "first look" photo with her.

If your mother will not be around while you are getting ready, have the photographer capture the moment when she first sees you all dressed up and ready to get married. First look photos don't just have to be for the bride and groom. 

Use photos from her wedding at yours.

Guests will love seeing photos of each set of parent's wedding memories. Place a few framed ones on a table, or put them into a special slide show.  

Let her walk you down the aisle.

Tradition has the father or another special man in the bride's life walk her down the aisle to her new husband. Your mother raised you too. She may be thrilled to be asked to help "give you away." 

Plant a surprise love note to her in the wedding program.

A written thank you note is always a touching gesture. Place a love note in your wedding programs thanking your mother for helping you get to this moment in your life, but don't tell her it will be there. What a wonderful surprise for her to find, and for your guests to witness.

Incorporate a special family ritual into the ceremony.

There are plenty of unity rituals that are not only for the bride and groom, but for both sides of the family. It is a sweet way to recognize the blending of two families. Have both mothers light and hold candles for the two of you to light your unity candle with. Another sweet gesture is to hand each mom a flower from your bouquet before joining your husband at the altar.

Honor family traditions that are special to her. 

If your mother is especially proud of her heritage, find a tradition from her family's culture that you can add into the ceremony, or work things into the wedding decor that reflect her lineage. 

Kiss the moms on your way back down the aisle. 

After you are pronounced man and wife, stop and give each of your mothers a kiss before heading the rest of the way down the aisle. You may be all grown up now, but this will remind her that she will always hold a special place in your heart. 

Include her recipes at the reception.

Is your mother an amazing cook with books full of delicious recipes, or does she have one unbelievable recipe that she is famous for? Honor her by asking the chef to recreate one of those dishes in the menu or on the dessert bar.

Dance together at the reception.

The groom usually gets a special dance with his mother at the reception and the bride dances with her father. Shake things up a bit and have a mother/daughter dance too. 

Give her a special gift to remember the wedding day. 

Embroidered handkerchiefs are a lovely keepsake, plus they will give your mom a special way to dry those happy tears. An engraved picture frame for a photo of the two of you is a great gift too. Anything that will make her think of you and this wonderful day when she looks at it is a perfect present.  

Mothers provide us with a lifetime of enjoyable memories. Your wedding day at our rustic Knoxville event venue is the perfect time to make a few heartfelt memories for Mom to treasure. Country Jewell is a charming setting that all of your guests will remember fondly, and these sweet additions will enhance it even more. 

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