Friday, April 22, 2016

7 Tips for Writing Memorable, Heartfelt Wedding Vows

We have had lots and lots of brides and grooms profess their love for one another at our wedding venue near Knoxville over the years. Some couples decide to go by the book and repeat the words that the officiant gives them to say. Others choose to take the wedding vows into their own hands and add a personal touch to their ceremony by writing their own. 

Even when you know exactly how you feel about that one special person in your life, sometimes it's difficult to get those thoughts in order and down on paper. Country Jewell has a few simple steps to make the entire process a little bit easier. Following these tips can help you to produce beautiful words, straight from the heart, to vow to your fiance on your wedding day. 

#1 - Check with your officiant.

In this day and age, there is usually no problem with a couple writing their own wedding vows. Still, better safe than sorry. Speak with your officiant and find out any important guidelines you may need to know ahead of time. A few officiants may ask to review your vows before the ceremony. 

#2 - Talk to your fiance.

The two of you will want to discuss the format your vows should follow. It can be helpful to you both if you decide on a structure together. Will they be funny, serious, romantic, or poetic? Knowing what your other half has in mind will help you both with the writing process.

#3 - Look at examples. 

First of all, start with the classics. Traditional vows may be too old-fashioned for you, but they have all of the important parts in place. Search books and the internet for other sample vows. Use a few that you like the sound of for inspiration when you begin writing your own. 

#4 - Love & promises.

Start by reminiscing about how the two of you met and the early days of your relationship. Remember the special moments that you have had together over the years. Use the first portion of your vows to publicly declare why and how much you love the person you are marrying. After that, think about the future you want to make together and the promises you want to make to this other person. It can be a couple of promises or it can be many, as long as they are meaningful and sentiments that you plan to keep.

#5 - Don't procrastinate.

This is one wedding planning task that should be done early in the process. Putting them off for too long puts you at risk of not having them finished in time. If you're not sure exactly where to start, write every single thought in your head down. Write more than you need, then pick out the most important ideas to include from your list. Your wedding vows don't need to be any longer than two minutes. While extremely important, your wedding guests won't appreciate it if they drag on too long. If you have more to say than time allows, write it into a letter that can be delivered to your future spouse on the wedding morning. 

#6 - Practice... out loud!

Yes, as silly as it may sound to you, practicing your wedding vows out loud will make it a lot easier for you to get through them on your wedding day. Make sure that your fiance isn't around and start reciting those promises out loud. This is also a great way to hear if they make sense or need a bit of fine tuning.  

#7 - Make more than one copy.

Put it all in writing and make a few copies. You will want to have extras just in case you misplace your personal copy. The maid of honor should have a copy of the bride's vows, and the best man should keep a version of the groom's. If you don't want others to read them before the ceremony, deliver them in a sealed envelope, only to be opened if you lose your own. Other good places to stash a copy are the bags you will be taking to get ready, with the officiant, or even with your parents. 

Write your vows early and speak from the heart, and you positively can't go wrong. We have heard many different wedding vows spoken at our rustic Knoxville wedding venue, and they were each beautiful in their own special ways. When it's all said and done, you will be ready to spend the rest of your life with the person that you love. Adding a personal touch to your vows is one thoughtful way to make your Country Jewell wedding extra special. 

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