Friday, April 15, 2016

7 Creative Ideas For a Small Wedding

Small, intimate weddings are every bit as special as great big, gigantic ones, and sometimes they are even more special. Our rustic Knoxville wedding venue is perfect for a smaller wedding. Country Jewell can accommodate as few as the bride, the groom, and a couple of friends up to 100 guests for a memorable wedding day.

Even if you know hundreds of people, you may choose to keep this special day between you and your family and closest friends. Small weddings can feature everything that a big one does, but you have the ability to spend more quality time with each of your guests. You can also spend more money on some details when you are providing them for fewer people. 

There are many benefits to throwing a small wedding. There are also a lot of great things that you can do to make it extra-special that would be difficult with a larger number of guests.  

#1 - Instead of a 1-2 page program, make an entire booklet with details, stories, and photos for everyone to take home as a keepsake. 

#2 - Go ahead and buy that big guest book, but let your small group know that they each get an entire page to themselves to fill up with wishes, memories, or even drawings. Anything that they would like to share with the two of you. Keep it out during the reception in case inspiration strikes and anyone wants to add more to their page later in the evening. 

#3 - If the guest list is small enough, skip the chairs for your ceremony and have your friends and family surround you while you say your vows

#4 - Fewer favors needed means that you can personalize each of them. Instead of giving every guest the same thing, put something at their place setting that they love or has special meaning between you. 

#5 - Make an entire weekend of the event. Ask wedding guests to join you for the rehearsal dinner, or host a day-after-wedding brunch to say goodbye and thank you to all of them the next day. 

#6 - The receiving line still works beautifully for a small wedding. With fewer guests, no one has to wait in line forever to say hello to the bride and groom. Put a twist on the traditional receiving line and be your own ushers after you say "I do." As a couple, stop at every row of seats and accept your guests warm wishes as they leave the aisle.

#7 - Take one big group photo of all of the guests standing around you. You can also ask your photographer to have each group of guests pose for a portrait. 

Trying to do the some of these ideas for a large wedding could end up costing you lots of time and money. Small weddings feel much more intimate and often have a greater sense of closeness for everyone in attendance. If you are planning a small wedding, our charming venue is the perfect spot for it. Country Jewell is a scenic, rustic wedding venue full of history and Smoky Mountain charm. We would love to host your family and friends here for your very special day. 

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