Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Great Photo Ideas for the Engagement, Save-the-Date, & Wedding Day

A wedding is a day that provides you with memories to last a lifetime. The photographs taken that day allow you to share those memories with others for years to come. Country Jewell is a beautiful spot for amazing photographs and portraits. Even if you will not be getting married at our scenic Knoxville wedding venue, you can still have your engagement or save-the-date photos taken here. 

The breathtaking scenery surrounding Country Jewell, along with the vintage facilities and gorgeous landscaping, make for the most memorable photographs. It is the perfect venue for all of your wedding photos, from the engagement pictures all the way through to your exit on the wedding day. Here are a few fun and memorable ideas that you might want to try.


Feature the ring!
That's a given, but nothing says "We're engaged!" more than a closeup of that special piece of jewelry. Try a shot of him kissing your hand with the ring on it, or put your arms around his neck in an embrace with the diamond front and center. 

Say it with a sign. 
You can also use a sweet shot of the two of you next to or behind a chalkboard with a cute saying on it.
  • Finally!
  • I'm going to be Mrs. (insert his name here)
  • I said yes!


Feature the date. 
You can choose to hold a sign with the date written on it, or something blank that you can Photoshop the date onto later. We've seen this done with chalkboards, balloons, and more. You could also simply zoom in on a shot of the calendar with your date circled. 

Take them at the wedding site. 
Go to the venue where you will be getting married and take your save-the-date photos there. Our rustic wedding venue near Knoxville has numerous areas to take fun pictures to tell everyone your wedding date, plus they will get a sneak peek at where you'll be saying your vows.

Feature your favorite things. 
If the two of you have a special hobby or favorite thing that you share, use that to theme your save-the-dates. If your favorite things happen to be your children or pets, bring them in on this too. 


Getting ready. 
There are some cute ideas that you can do to make your "getting ready" pictures a bit more than simply getting dressed. Have the photographer take a picture of your bridesmaids or your parents seeing you all dressed up for the first time. The bride & groom can write special letters to each other and get photos of you each reading them before you see each other. 

First look. 
You can have a lot of fun with these, and when you finally set eyes on each other, those are always sentimental pictures. Make sure to get a shot of the bride sneaking up on the groom. Position your wedding party watching in the background from a distance if you don't need for this to be a completely private moment. If you will not be doing a "first look," take a photo of the two of you on opposite sides of a doorway, holding hands around the corner.

Take advantage of the venue. 
Find something about your wedding venue that other venues don't have. At Country Jewell, pictures featuring our balcony are very popular, as well as our beautiful waterfall area and the gazebo.

Recreate old photos. 
Pose for a wedding photo in the same position and place that you took your engagement photos, but this time all dressed up in your wedding attire. You could also recreate a pose to look like a photograph from one of your parents' weddings.

Include everybody. 

If your wedding guest list allows, take one big group shot with everyone surrounding the two of you. If there are simply too many for that, do one with the members of your newly extended family instead.   

Our rustic wedding venue near Knoxville is one of the most beautiful places for photography in all of Tennessee. If you are looking for a scenic place surrounded by beauty and vintage charm, then plan to take some, or all, of your wedding photographs at Country Jewell. We would love to give you a tour so that you can fall in love with this amazing venue just like we have. 

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