Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bring the Outdoors Inside With Your Wedding Decorations

A popular wedding trend this year is to make an indoor space look like it is actually outdoors. Our rustic Knoxville wedding barn looks especially beautiful with elements of the season decorating the inside of it. With a few well-placed decorations, your wedding guests will feel like they are experiencing nature at your indoor reception. 

Country Jewell offers plenty of inspiration from the scenery surrounding our Knoxville wedding venue, as well as the spectacular landscaping on the grounds. Here are a few ideas on how you can bring some of that natural beauty indoors. 

Plants & Flowers

The simplest way to bring the outdoors inside is to use the flowers of the season. Spring offers a wide array of beautiful blooms to choose from, as well as many lovely flowering branches that you can incorporate into your decor. Garlands of ivy or other greenery look excellent down the center of a rectangular table and fill up the space in a pretty way. 

Don't stop at cut flora. Large potted trees and plants placed all around the ceremony and reception make everyone feel as if they are in the middle of a garden. Potted plants, such as succulents or aromatic herbs, make wonderful centerpieces and can double as a favor for guests to take home.   

Seasonal Colors

Look around outside during the season that your wedding will take place. Let the colors that you see in nature inspire your decorations and color scheme. In the spring, take cues from the colorful blooms all around. Summer is full of bright blue skies, sunny yellows, and green everywhere. Oranges, browns, and other leaf colors are wonderful for a fall wedding, and winter whites and silvers are always lovely.

Natural Elements

Flowers aren't the only outdoor item that you can use for decoration at your wedding. The rustic look of Country Jewell is perfect for wooden elements. Small pieces of cut tree trunks are perfect bases for candles and vases. Stones can also be used in a variety of ways. We have seen them made into pretty escort cards with guests' names written in metallic ink, and also filling a jar for the couple with words of wisdom written on each one. 

Night Lights

Dancing under the stars is incredibly romantic, but not always a possibility in cold or rainy weather. Stringing twinkle lights all over the ceiling can make it appear as if you are celebrating outside on a starry night. These lights also look amazing strung in centerpieces, under table skirts, and on potted plants and trees. 

It's not hard to make your indoor wedding appear as if it is taking place in the outdoors. Our rustic Knoxville wedding venue is the perfect place to make this happen. The natural wooden look of our facilities, along with the scenic landscapes surrounding Country Jewell, work amazingly with this popular wedding decorating trend. 

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