Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Why You Hear Bells At Weddings

Bells and wedding seem to go together. You may have heard someone utter the phrase "I hear wedding bells" when they are speaking about a couple that they think should get married. We've had lots of Country Jewell weddings, as well as bridal showers, incorporate bells for decorations. Our rustic wedding venue near Knoxville even has our very own giant wedding bell that couples ring after they utter their "I do's." Have you ever wondered how bells became a wedding symbol? If so, read on...

Good Luck and Fortune
In olden days, before you could let everyone know what was going on in your life through social media, news of important events was often announced by ringing the church's bells for the entire town to hear. Weddings are very special and happy celebrations, so the bells were always rung for these. Sometimes they were sounded before the wedding to celebrate the bride's and groom's newfound happiness, and they were always rung after the ceremony to announce the new marriage. 

Many thought the sound of the bells would bring the newlyweds luck and fortune. In Ireland, small bells are given to the couple as a wedding gift for this reason. Another reason for bells at weddings was because some cultures used to believe that the ringing of bells was necessary to scare away evil spirits that might wish to ruin the newlyweds' future happiness. 

Today, when you see bells used for decoration or on wedding-related stationery, it is usually two bells tied together at the top with ribbon and a bow. This is symbolic of the couple's new connection and the joining of their lives together. 

Ring for a Kiss
A very popular tradition that we see often at our wedding barn near Knoxville is the use of small bells for the guests to ring at the reception. People used to clink silverware against a glass as a signal for the bride and groom to share a kiss. This is still done today, but the use of small bells instead is a cute wedding detail, plus it brings the old tradition of bells ringing to your reception. 

We discovered a couple of reasons for why this is probably done. One myth was that the sound scared away demons so that the couple could safely kiss each other. Another story stated that the sound was meant to be a reminder for the couple of the vows they had just made. In our opinion, most people do it just because it is fun and pictures of newlyweds kissing at their wedding are the best! 

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The Wedding Bell at Country Jewell
It's a favorite tradition here at our beautiful scenic wedding venue near Knoxville for the bride and groom to walk the path to our gorgeous wedding bell and ring it together. That bell has announced quite a few wonderful marriages over the years, and we expect it to be announcing many, many more in the future. When would you like to join us at Country Jewell and ring the bell with your new spouse?

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