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5 Wedding Cliches You May Want To Avoid

The definition of cliche is "a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought; something that has become overly familiar or commonplace." Country Jewell knows that there are a lot of wedding planning decisions that you will have to make that may fall under this definition. 

Couples think a wedding has to have certain things, when in reality, there really aren't any rules you have to follow. (Well, except for the marriage certificate. That's a must, but all of the other decisions are yours to make.) There is a very fine line between tradition and a trend that needs to go away, or in some cases, never should have been. 

Today our rustic wedding venue near Knoxville has 5 often-used wedding cliches that you may want to avoid. If it's something that you like, by all means, go ahead and incorporate it into your wedding. Just know that you don't have to if you don't want to!   

Overused Music
Traditionally, brides walk down the aisle to Wagner's Bridal Chorus (aka - Here Comes The Bride) and the couples leave the ceremony to Mendelssohn's Wedding March. If you like these 2 songs, then use them. They are beautiful classics. On the other hand, if they seem extremely old-fashioned to you, then use any music that makes you happy. Dance down the aisle if you feel like it! As long as it reflects the two of you as a couple, it's the perfect song. 

The same goes for reception music. The Chicken Dance and forming a conga line are often wedding staples, but if you don't like these things, leave them out. When you supply your wedding DJ or band with a list of "must-have" songs, also give them a "DO NOT play, under any circumstances" list. If your guests want to hear a song you hate, they can play it at their own wedding!  

Matching Bridesmaids
In the past bridesmaids have often been asked to wear matching dresses, but today it's perfectly acceptable to change up their looks a bit. You want them all to look similar, like a cohesive group, but this doesn't mean that they have to wear the exact same dress. 

For example, your bridesmaids could each wear varying shades of a certain color in the same style, or all be in the same color but given the freedom to pick their own dress style. They key is to have at least one element that ties the gowns together. 

Too Many Speeches
Wedding speeches can sometimes go on much longer than anyone has the patience to sit still for. Not everyone has to speak, and if you like, these can be skipped altogether. The two of you should at least say a quick thank you to the guests for coming, but it can be kept short and sweet. 

If you decide to let speeches happen at your wedding, a good way to keep them under control is to assign who will be speaking and give them a time limit. Also, to avoid any embarrassing things being said, talk to them about acceptable content too.   

The Cake Smash
Sure, this was probably unexpected and good for a laugh the first time it was done, but what a waste! You spent a lot of time getting ready, and you also spent a lot of time planning an amazing reception. If cake is smashed in your face, not only will your makeup, and possibly your hair and clothing, be ruined, but you'll miss a big chunk of the reception while you're in the bathroom cleaning yourself up. Talk to each other before the wedding and agree that this is a "tradition" that needs to be skipped. 

The Garter Toss 
This was originally done in the "days of old" as proof that the bride and groom had consummated the marriage. Guests would follow the couple to their room, and the groom would throw the garter out to show them that the marriage was official. Today we realize, that's none of their business! If you want to do this because you think it's funny, go ahead, but if you find it embarrassing, don't. This can easily be left out of the festivities.

As we tried to make clear throughout this blog, if one of these cliches is something that you like, then go ahead and use it for your wedding near Knoxville. The important thing is that you both realize that this is your party, and you may plan it any way that you like! Don't let anyone tell you that your wedding at Country Jewell has to have this or that. Make it your own! You'll be a lot happier if you do. 

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