Friday, March 3, 2017

Helpful Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

The flowers that you choose for your wedding at our beautiful wedding venue near Knoxville can be a very important part of the overall look of your celebration. With so many floral choices and possibilities available, it can be difficult to narrow down exactly what you want. Country Jewell has come up with a few tips that will hopefully make that decision a little bit easier. 

Put Trust in Your Florist
A professional florist can guide you through the entire process with helpful advice and intelligent suggestions. It's very important to find one that you can put your full trust in. The best way to narrow down your choices when it comes to picking a florist is to read the reviews other wedding couples have left about them. Country Jewell has worked with many talented florists over the years, and we can offer our own suggestions for vendors that we know are well-qualified for the job. 

Be Flexible
If you have found a trustworthy florist, you should be able to take their suggestions for any substitutions necessary to your original floral vision. Sometimes the flowers that you have your heart set on aren't available when your wedding is taking place. Some flowers that are said to be available year-round may only be grown far away at certain times of the year, and flying them in makes them a lot more expensive in some months than others. 

Lots of flowers have look-alikes that can be used in their place, and more than likely your guests won't even notice. Whether it's due to the season, budget restrictions, or other availability problems, keep an open mind when it comes to the final decision. Show your florist pictures of what you like, offer color swatch samples of your favorite shades, and let them guide you to something that works well with all of that. 

Let Flowers Do Double-Duty
It's a shame when there are big, gorgeous flower arrangements at the ceremony that can only be appreciated for the short time you are actually at the ceremony compared to the amount of time you and your guests are at the reception. Ask your florist to come up with ceremony arrangements that can also be used at the reception. Think about ways that your florals can do double-duty, like using the bridesmaids' bouquets in vases at the head table as part of the centerpiece. You'll get lots of use out of your flowers, and possibly even save a little money combining their uses.   

Imagine the Overall Final Look
Don't think about each floral decoration on its own, but rather imagine how all of the pieces will fit together with each other, as well as with the look of your venue. Our scenic wedding venue near Knoxville is already filled with beautiful landscaping and gorgeous natural decor all year long. If you are having an outdoor ceremony, you may not need to use a lot of floral decorations and you can focus your flower budget on the reception area. 

Look around the venue to see what colors are already there, and pick flowers in complimentary shades that will blend your wedding colors nicely with the venue's current look. Also, be wary of centerpieces at heights that will obstruct guests' views while they are seated. 

As we mentioned earlier, if you need help finding a florist or other wedding vendor for your rustic wedding near Knoxville, we have a list of businesses that have proven they are trustworthy and do excellent work. Country Jewell will help in any way that we can to make sure that your wedding here with us is a joyful experience you will never forget. 

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