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7 Creative Ways To Keep Kids Entertained At Your Wedding

Even the most masterfully planned reception can can seem a little long to a child. They have much shorter attention spans than adults do, and many things that grown-ups enjoy aren't a ton of fun for kids. If you will be inviting the younger generation to your Country Jewell wedding, here are a few creative ways to keep them entertained throughout the celebration.

Set up an activity table.
When you are planning the room layout for your wedding reception, reserve a special spot to set up a table full of fun things for the kids to do. Coloring books are always a hit. Have plenty of plain paper handy too so that they can draw their own creations. A basket of building blocks can provide hours of entertainment. A few board games or simple crafts make a wonderful addition to this activity station too. 

Make special place settings.
If the children are old enough to sit away from their parents, you can put them all at a table together. If not, these special place settings can be put right next to the adult ones at the regular reception tables too. The placemat can be made of paper so kids can decorate it with stickers, markers, or crayons. (Make sure it's something that won't harm the tablecloth!) 

You can have personalized kid favors that are more playful that what the adults will be getting. Each spot can have special snacks/appetizers to keep the little ones satisfied until dinner is served. If you'll be toasting at the reception, give the kids their own glasses filled with punch, or use milk and top the glass with a cookie.  

Host a fun zone.
Rather than just a table, provide an entire area for the young people to have their own kind of fun. It could include a play tent, or you could even bring in a TV and video game console and let them have at it. If space allows and the reception music won't overlap, you could set up an area for the kids to chill out and watch a movie. 

Hire a professional.
The parents will especially love this idea! Hire a sitter to keep all of the kids entertained throughout the evening. They can lead games, crafts, and other activities while the grown-ups enjoy their own reception fun. Another idea is to hire an entertainer for the kids, like a magician or a face painter.  

Play games.
If weather and space allow, yard games are always popular with both the young and the young at heart. Simple rules and the ability to get outside and be active make these a great thing to keep kids out of trouble. Easy ones to set up are bags, ring toss, and even hopscotch. Toss a few hula hoops and jump ropes outside while you're at it.  

Rent a bounce house.
This requires some extra wiggle room in your wedding budget, but every kid at your wedding will be super excited when they see a giant bounce house. As a matter of fact, there's an excellent chance that the grown-ups will even want a turn in there, and it will make for some incredible photos.  

Play kid-friendly tunes.
Children are not shy when it comes to hopping out on the dance floor. They will especially love it if you have the DJ throw in a few of their favorite songs or line dances that they know. They really love glow sticks out on that dance floor too. 

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Keeping kids entertained is not only for the little ones' benefit, but also for all of the adults at the wedding. Parents will be able to participate more, and guests that aren't used to dealing with children won't have to worry about them getting underfoot. A little extra effort to keep the youngest guests entertained at your rustic wedding near Knoxville will help to keep everyone happy, which is the goal after all. The bride and groom are the most important people to keep happy, of course, but Country Jewell knows from experience, that's a lot easier to do when the guests are having a good time. 

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